Worldwide Giveaway by Chatte Georgiana

I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time and I am finally able to do it: Worldwide giveaway by Chatte Georgiana. The second version.

I did one back in 2018 and it was a success. Now I’m planning to do it again.

I wanted to do it a lot earlier, right after I got the prizes. But sadly we all know what  happened to my site in the meantime.

However, I guess this was all for the better because now we have two things to celebrate: the prizes themselves which I’ve been itching to give since back then and the website being back.

Therefore, my dears, with all this being said I say let’s dive in in what all this means.

Worldwide Giveaway by Chatte Georgiana: what is it

To put it short, you get free stuff from me. Yep. If there’s anyone who didn’t knew by now what a giveaway is, I hope now we cleared that up.

The free stuff will consist of 3 prizes, divided in 3 spots. But what the prizes consist of?

Well, it couldn’t have been anything else than… *drum rolls*… you’ve guessed it: NaruSaku Zine goodies!

How are the prizes divided?

The prizes are divided on their order of value and importance, therefore they will be as such:

  • 1st place: The Ultimate NaruSaku Zine 2020 Bundle which includes: NaruSaku zine 2020 – the book, postcards, stickers, keychains, standee and button
  • 2nd place: The NaruSaku Zine 2020 Book
  • 3rd place: The NaruSaku Zine 2020 Merch Only Bundle which includes: postcards, stickers, keychains and button

Rules of participation

Of course, like any other giveaway, there must be some steps you guys must take in order to register your spot in the giveaway and get your chance to win.

What are those 3 steps? Nothing more simple.

Step 1: Follow me on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts;

Step 2: Click here to subscribe to my newsletter. I won’t use your email address to spam you. No. I will only use it to let you know about latest undergoing projects such as Kaika. Or about a new blog post or YouTube video. Like we all know, all these social media algorithms are pretty hard on reaching people with the same interest. So all I’m trying to do here is make sure I have a way to reach you guys and offer you guys more goodies.

Step 3: Tag a friend in the comments on the social media channels that you know would be interested in this giveaway.

Step 4: Enjoy & good luck!

Clarifications on the rules

I know you might think that these might be many steps to take. I understand that. But let me tell you something.

I am trying to be as rewarding as possible to all the people who’ve been supporting me throughout the years. Through my ups and downs. And they followed me everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, Insta. Wherever I went.

They were my support in times I thought this project just didn’t have the luck it needed. Even recently, as you all know and I mentioned here, I had my blog down. It’s like the Universe keeps trying my conviction related to this project.

And it was hard. Sometimes I felt like maybe I should give up. But at the end of the day I didn’t. Thanks to the inspiration of the characters that so much represent me and… thanks to the people who supported me.

So yes, that’s why I have this requirement with the social media accounts. As a way to be fair to them, first and foremost.

Then, with the email subscription, I told you. It’s hard to reach you guys nowadays. The internet is changing. I want to make sure we stay in check because trust me. I have amazing stuff to bring to you.

To give back for all the things you guys have me. And to make sure I do that, I need to reach you. It’s harder and harder to do now on the social media channels. But not on the emails.

Important mention

When I will pick the winners, I will do it based on the email addresses that have subscribed to the newsletter. But I will verify all the steps to make sure that all of them have ben completed.

I want to be as correct as possible with everyone, so please, respect all the steps of the giveaway for a better runaway for everyone.


And with all the things being said, I stop here.

Thank you once again for the support all throughout the years you guys.

I hope from the bottom of my heart you will enjoy this giveaway as much as I enjoy making it for you.

With you all the best luck and have fun!

Yours truly like always,




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