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With a pinch of FanMade Universe, Reviews and Analyses. Seasoned with some Matters of Creation where tips and tricks about world(s) creation are shared. The cherry on top would be some personal Journal & Mind Pieces.

Chatte Georgiana Miss MARVEL Cosplay

Philologist by degree, marketer by profession, writer by passion, cosplayer by choice, casual model by chance. But most of all… lover of stories and creative endeavors, by nature.

Vera Nazarian once said that the world is shaped by two things: stories told and the memories they leave behind.

We, as human beings, are storytellers by nature. Our own memories are the chapters we write in our tale, and with them, we leave behind memories for those who care enough to read our story.

It is those tales of ours that bring forth new experiences, and along with them new memories. These new-found memories, in turn birth new stories, and so the cycle continues, as we find ourselves in a never-ending cycle of tales.

It is known that the desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the soul. That’s why we tell these stories. We are born with this urge to create, to share our soul with the world.

In the beginning there was The Word – and we used it to tell stories.

Be it orally, visually or written, it is in our nature to create the world through the stories we tell.

My life is quite simple – I have been passionate about stories from early childhood – from the tales my grandma used to tell me about the stars in the night sky, to the very first fairy tale I read when I first learned how to read.
Their format doesn’t matter that much – be it orally transmitted, read in a book, visualized via a comic book or an anime, to me, as long as the author tells an enthralling tale, I am all up for it.

Along my life I have become attached to a few storied. Each of them helped me in their own respective way. They awakened in me different feelings and, each of these tales contributed in one way or another, to the future adult I was going to be.

These stories are the pillars of my own creation as an individual. And they’re not the only ones. As I have passed through life, with every story I come in contact with, I get to acquire new experiences and knowledge.
New views on the world outside me, and the world inside me. That is why I am this passionate about stories and creative endeavors, in general.

Because we’re born creators. And it’s every moment that we go through in life that shapes us, and later becomes our foundation. Our work of art. Our tale.

And while it might be entertaining and delightful to read someone else’ story, as Charles de Lint says: “Don’t forget – no one else sees the world the way you do, so no one else can tell the stories that you have to tell”.

Through my eyes, the world is seen in a certain way. I welcome you, reader, to witness for yourself how the world is seen through my lenses. I have stories to tell about the stories I follow. You’ll get to see them all here: from anime to manga, to books and TV shows, or movies and other media. You’ll see reviews, read analyses and theories about the outer world. But you’re also going to get a glimpse into the inner world – the creative child inside the adult case.

I dream to create my own story one day. But until that dream will materialize itself, I invite you in my journey through the world, the life, the moments… through my eyes.