What reminds you of childhood?


Well, well, and maybe because winter is fast closing on us now, I kinda get nostalgic… Why?

I don’t know exactly how to explain it. Maybe because of the snow, or because ahem, holidays are coming, I mean…

What’s for sure is that somewhere, deep down inside me, I still feel like a child.

All this thing started from the very first fallen snow. While some people were posting memes like “Brace yourselves, posts with it’s snowing are coming”, I couldn’t help but feel happy.

On one side where the ones against it, on the other sides were the ones for it. What I didn’t get that much was the reaction of those against it, regarding the people who where enjoying the coming of the snow.

I also don’t know if the ones that enjoyed it were in the same category as me, however what I do know is that yes, I enjoyed the coming of the snow very much.

Why? Simple… because it reminds me of the childhood days.

And this led my thought more and more to the things I enjoyed when I was a child… and I gladly remembered all the little things and stories of that time.

So, here’s what reminds me of childhood.

  • Snow


I don’t know exactly how to say this, but every time I see the snowflakes falling from the sky and they set their frail selves on the earth, a serenity state of being envelops my soul.

And it reminds me dearly, every time, of the old days when I was a child and I was drawing angels in the snow with my whole being.

Nothing ever counted back then. All was serene, joyful and worry free. Everything was white and pure…

And that is why, every time I see the snow falling, even now, at my 25th level of age – I might be going through some middle age life crisis or something, lol – I am still that child that jumps right out of bed to see the snow falling.

Suddenly, no matter what type of day I’m going through, everything turns tranquil, innocent… and I’m a kid again.

  • Grandpa’s flatbread


Although, sadly, my grandpa left this earth sometime ago, every time I think about childhood, I can’t help but be reminded of grandpa’s flatbread – grandma left earlier than he did, so then the one who carried this legacy on for me, was him.

I don’t know how it’s done nowadays, but I’m from that generation that grew up on the countryside. Countrysides had tradition.

And so, one of the traditions me and grandpa agreed on, was that whenever I went to the countryside to visit him, he had to cook me home-made bread.

But before the actual bread, I had to have flatbread.

They were my guilty pleasure, you name it. I recall even today… I was so eager for them to get cooked, that somehow time looked like slowing down (hello, Einstein’s theory of relativity).

It seemed like time was even stopping and they wouldn’t cook already. And after that, besides the fact that I had to wait until they got cooked, I also had to wait until they cooled off.

That was the death of me. Taking into consideration the mind I had back then, I would’ve eaten them right then and there, even if they were burning.

But oh well, there was nothing I could do other than wait.

They were always two. I remember even today how grandpa used to take the flour, knead it, then put two pieces on the stove for a little while.

Then, he took them from the stove and put them inside the oven.

After they were ready, he was tucking them in a towel so they can cool off. That was my limbo moment.

Ah, the times! I really miss them… it’s sad that both my grandparents are gone and I have no one left at the countryside – the place that was my roots.

However, those memories will be alive as long as I breathe!

  • Sailor Moon


About Sailor Moon I don’t think I have to say a lot. I consider that we already all know the story, we all recall the moon guardians who kept us with our eyes stuck on the TV screens.

Sailor Moon is just another part of my childhood which, gladly, I can always turn to dearly every time I wish so. I can’t express how happy I am that the series is getting back in less than a month! Yippy, yippy, yeey!

By the way, for those of you who didn’t know and are from my country, there is already a fan club in Romania. It has a really nice Facebook page. Whoever wants to know more, click here!

As for other things that remind me of childhood… well, there are a lot.

But I think I would be writing a post too long. And given that I was “accused” of writing too much (yes mommy Rox, I am looking at you, hehe), I will just name a few. Shortly. Because the details aren’t that important right now, but the central idea.

So what else reminds me of childhood? Well, among these are grandpa’s polenta and its well, I am not sure how to call it in English. I am not sure if it has a correspondent.

We called it păsat – it’s that thing at the stage before it turns into a polenta. Just so you know.

This was my second whim – so to speak. First, were the flatbreads, then the păsat and polenta.

The third one was mălaiul. I am not sure of an English correspondent for this one either. It was like bread, looked like a dough, only that it was made out of corn flour. Yum!

Also, what reminds me of childhood are the animals. I don’t know how to tell you, but I loved going to the fields with grandma and the animals. With cows, sheep, goats…

We were all day out in the field. I was running around like crazy, haha! Such a wonderful feeling of freedom. All, while you were connecting with the nature around you.

What else would go in this category? Well cocoa milk, I guess. I never really liked simple milk, so my parents and grandparents always offered me milk with cocoa, in order for me to drink it.

That was yummie!

Anyway, there would be a lot else to talk about, but I will be stopping here. Instead, I will ask: what reminds you of childhood?


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