Kaika Saisei Chapter 8: A new dawn


Hey everyone, happy to get back this month with Kaika Saisei chapter 8! Not exactly the most timely manner, but oh well. I had some health issues to deal with. So I hope you can understand my predicament.

But anyway, that’s not the topic here. Kaika is. That’s why now it’s time to talk about it.

Following it’s predecessor, Kaika Saisei chapter 7, this one shifts focus to more internal matters of the ninja world. Which ones exactly? Those of the Hyuga clan.

Therefore, what you’ll see in Kaika Saisei chapter 8 is focus on none other than Hinata Hyuga and her clan. Wondering if I had the guts to do it?

Yes, I’ve done it.

As you know me, I have issues with how Hinata Hyuga ended up being treated in canon storyline. She started as a character with great potential and great backstory, only to be turned into a satellite one. One that all she thought about was Naruto-kun, and that’s all. And that in my book was such a shame!

All those things that made her interesting in the first part such as wanting to change herself, the backstory of the Hyuga and how she and Neji Hyuga were intertwined, sadly got put somewhere in the background.

Many have called me names over the years, especially those in her fanbase, for daring to criticize this fact about her character. They mistook hating how her character got to be used vs hating the character itself. Which are two different things.

That’s why today, I start my own journey with this character. Explain through my writing how I (wished) to see the character treated.

Therefore without further ado, I invite you to start reading chapter 8 and see the journey I set for Hinata Hyuga and her clan!

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