Life beyond Naruto: Chatte Georgiana – the Revival


How was life beyond Naruto, the story I loved dearly? Well. That’s a story on itself.
It’s been a really long time since I’ve written an article. So many things have happened since the last time I wrote one on this blog. At some point, I even lost it. I lost it all.

What happened?

Many things have happened in my personal life. Things that one could call a real setback. I lost this site. This “baby” of mine. Back in 2018 I was telling you on my Facebook page how I had literally lost all my work, my old articles, my theories, my everything. It was a truly shocking moment.

Have you ever put so much passion into something, gave it your all to build it up as best as you knew, put your whole being into it, and at the end, have it ripped away from you? Well, I have. It’s what I felt when the person whom I trusted this site with told me that they deleted it.

Besides the fact that I had postponed the plans I had with this website of mine for other personal reasons, when at the end of those plans that didn’t work, I also heard this news it felt like the whole world fell over my shoulders.

How I took it?

I have to admit, it was a moment that made me fall into a dark place. Darker than it was before, anyway.
My life has been always filled with ups and downs, as everyone else’s has, I presume. But somehow, what always kept me going was this passion of mine for writing. And most of all, it was the passion I had for Naruto’s story.

It is a story that for me, as I am sure for many others, meant a great deal. It was a story that, with all its good side and bad side, had a meaning in my life.

Naruto was the story that made me rise, as well. Made me rediscover my passion for writing, for analyzing characters. Basically, made me recall what I was made of and what I was good at – and that is, analyzing pieces of literature/fiction. Be it in any form. And write about it, of course.

So then, as you know I kept writing about Naruto, about NaruSaku, about Sakura, my dear Sakura Haruno. I made theories, over theories, over theories. I analyzed, and analyzed. Lost lots of nights.

But those were nights that I enjoyed losing. When you do something with passion, you never really feel like you’re losing something.

But then, after the unfortunate event happened, it was hard to deal with.

What do you do when all is said and done?

When all is gone?

So, I did what I knew best… even if the times in my life were pretty dark, I kept moving forward. Kept a light in my soul and hoped for the best.

You know, sometimes when all your life is spiraling downwards, it’s hard to keep the light going. For your soul to hold on an anchor. It’s easy to fall in the dark pit.

But no matter what, how bad I was, how slowly I was going, I crawled my way forward.

At some point I made peace with all that happened, and said that it is what it is. That’s it. I lost it and there’s nothing I can do to bring it back.

I’ll have to start over. And so, I did. At least from all the bad-luck, I was lucky enough to still have the domain-name.

Life beyond Naruto – the transition period

So how did life beyond Naruto went?
In the meantime, I started getting more into this world of stories that I so much love. I went to conventions, turned my attention to cosplaying. Started to do cosplaying myself even.


I met another community of people who were very welcoming. I had a fresh new look into another side of life. It was another facet to this “world of geeks” – how some would call it.
I’ve met wonderful people that showed me how life can be seen different. I made new friends. I saw another world that welcomed me with open arms. A warm world, a world of openness. A world where we wear masks not to hide from our real selves, but to show more of our real selves.

But that is a part of cosplay I will talk about on another time.

Speaking of conventions, I was blessed and lucky enough to meet Yehuda and Maya Devir.


I must tell you, these two are adorable! If you don’t know by now who Yehuda & Maya Devir are by now (although I doubt it), you can go and find out more about the two here.

Slowly I started rebuilding myself up, from the ashes of a former self. And somehow, even if I made peace with my loss, I still thought to myself about how nice it would’ve been to still have my website.

Life beyond Naruto – the revival

And then, one day the miracle happened! I met someone on a Facebook group as I was starting to rebuild my website from scratch. They recommended me the person I am currently working with.

They said hey, I know this guy who can bring you your website back!

And I remember the shock. My website back? They can bring me my website BACK? But it has been deleted, I tell the person. There’s no way, I say.
And she’s like… yeah, even if it has been deleted. And then she gave me the contact. And so, the rest, followed. You can imagine what since you see this article here, and can even go back to read some of my old articles.

Indeed, I didn’t get it all back. I got back about 80% of it. I also lost all the comments to my old articles. So, like, I couldn’t get it all quite all back.

But it’s okay. The fact that I have a big portion of my work back is worth the sacrifice of not having back the comments, for example. So, I’m cool with that.

I just want to thank the Universe for being so kind with me, still. For making it so that I met people in this life of mine who helped me get back “my baby”.

And I am proud of myself for still keeping the light. The hope. And no matter how hard and dark it was back then, for still moving forward. Because that’s what it got me back here, today.

What I plan on doing in the future?

Well, I plan on doing what I know best: to analyze, review, write. It’s what I know best, after all. I’ve also decided to expand my horizons a bit.

I’ll also be talking about conventions, cosplays, matters of creation – as I like to call them. What do I mean by that? Well, I want to be a writer, a published author myself one day. So then, I said that I should also share the things I search for in this matter, with other people that also have the same dream as me.

You’ll find a lot of references on how to write a book, techniques of worldbuilding, so on and so forth.

I’ll also keep you up to dates with projects I’m working on. Share with you guys even some of my own creations.

I have a lot of ideas.

Still want to talk about the series I loved so much and how it all went down for me after my disappearance.

I also want to talk about the new series, since I have a lot of people telling me or asking me my opinions on different events.

But I also want to talk about other stories I’ve come in contact with, or shows.

Basically, like I said, I want to do what I know best: analyze, review, create. Other stories, as well as my own.

Thank you for reading!

Yours truly,


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