NaruSaku Zine 2020: Once upon a time…

I realized that because I was so busy these past few weeks, I haven’t had the chance to talk about the NaruSaku Zine 2020 edition. As you all know from the previous years, once a year us, NaruSaku fans gather to come up with a new magazine for the year in course. We pick a theme and then each of us comes up with a story, a piece of art or a poem. All that is accompanied by a lot of good merch based on the theme we’ve picked for that year.

That is how things usually work.

The year of 2020 however, was a bit different. You’ve probably wondered what’s with the 2020 in the title right, since we’re in 2021. Hello? Well, like we all know, last year was one of a kind experience. There were a lot of issues and businesses affected. Transportation was also affected.

That is why we postponed the 2020 edition for the future year. As in, 2021. Therefore here we are.

Bringing you the NaruSaku Zine 2020 one year later.

NaruSaku zine 2020: the theme

This year we decided to pick a different theme. That of fairy tales, symbolism, of beautiful magical stories. We called this edition “Once upon a time”. Why the name?

Well the reasons are quite simple. We thought: how we can better make people understand the magical times we lived as a fandom, a community with these two? How we still find the magic in their relationship, even now, years later from Naruto’s end.

So then this is how we ended-up with this year’s theme. A theme to remind us the magical time we lived shipping these two, once upon a time… So we leave our creative expression to talk for ourselves in the myriad of stories you can find in the book.

Which brings me to my next point…

NaruSaku zine 2020: the content

I could talk a lot about the content you can find in this year’s zine, but I will quote our beautiful community member Tricksie. We all know the wonderful Tricksie, author of A voice in the wind.

So, what can you enjoy in this year’s zine?

Well, to name a few, we would have:

80+ pages of NaruSaku goodness, including 20 full pages of art, and more than a dozen one-shot fics and poems. From beautiful, sweeping myths to adorable modern re-tellings, from lyrical poetry to gorgeous art, this zine fulfills your heart’s desire for all the NaruSaku feels! All about Naruto and Sakura!

You’ll find tales of….
  • Princesses who are saved, and princesses who do the saving.
  • Knights who never give up and princes who never go back on their word.
  • Tales where true love’s kiss saves the day. Tales where love divided changes everything.
  • Stories where kindness transforms the creature into a prince, and love turns the uncertain girl into the hero.
  • Inspired by stories and legends from around the world….
  • The art and fics in the NaruSaku Zine are inspired by ancient Greek myths, Celtic fairy stories, Filipino folk tales, Japanese legends, modern Italian fantasy series and classic European fairy tales.
Story and art adaptations include: Romeo and Juliet, Fantaghirò, Thumbelina, Little Red Riding Hood, Cimone and Partenope, Rapunzel, Philippine mountain goddess, Apollo and Celene, Orihime and Hikoboshi, Tam Lin, and Peter Pan, and much, much more.
Do we have you convinced?

Where you can purchase a copy of the NaruSaku Zine 2020?

Well, this one is rather simple. You can grab your copy of the NaruSaku Zine 2020 right from the store here.

You have a lot of buying options this year.

Like always, you can purchase only the zine itself. You can only buy the Ultimate Bundle. The ultimate bundle contains all the products in one place: the zine together with all the extra merch we prepared.

Of course, if you want, you can always buy just the merch bundle.

There’s also the possibility to get the merch separately in case you don’t want everything presented in the merch bundle.

What separate merch we have? Well, there’s the charms, the stickers or the standee.

Good news for those nostalgic though! This year you can buy all three volumes in one pack. You can find in the 3 volume bundle.

So as you can see, the options for NaruSaku goodies are a lot. All you have to do is visit the store. And, of course, grab your favorite piece of NaruSaku goodie.

Be advised: preorders close mid May!

Why you should buy this year’s zine?

Well, I am going to let you in on a secret behind the scenes. The reason you should buy this year’s zine it’s because it’s the last year we’re producing this.

At least us, the team that does it now. Who knows, maybe in the future there will be other people who get to pick this project.

But we, the ones that are currently doing it have decided to stop the renewal of this project.

I know, it might sound as a pretty bad news but… we have decided to move onto other projects NaruSaku related, so to make space for those future projects, we had to leave something behind.

Thus, this is the last year you can get a copy of the NaruSaku Zine!

So I’d say don’t lose your chance, and grab a copy as soon as you can!

With this being said, I thank you for reading this up until the end and urge you to go grab yourself and a dear friend a copy of the last NaruSaku zine there’s ever going to be!

Take care!

Yours truly,


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