Why MIA? Things that happened since last time I posted


Why MIA (missing in action) some of you might wonder? What happened since the last time I made a post? Well, there’s a story behind this reason. A choice I made. Quite some things have happened, and I needed to take some space for myself. And so I did. Because if it’s anything I learned during this pandemic, is to connect more with my inner self than anything else.

But enough with the introduction, let’s get to the actual point.

Why MIA?

Why did I decide to go MIA after just coming back? Well, mainly real life reasons. Some pretty important stuff that had to do with my career path which changed because of the pandemic. Then there was an unfortunate event in my family that took place. I had to go back to my hometown for a little while. And besides all that, I also decided to finally get my driver’s license.

Mainly, there were some things in real life that needed my attention, more than this blog, actually.

Because you see, the little inner voice inside my head was kind of like always there nagging me… “What are you doing, you started your blog again, and you’re already not keeping your promise of writing on it like you said you’d do?”

Because as you know, I promised you every Saturday I’ll post a new piece of the series with Sakura Haruno. And I managed to keep that rhythm when I first restarted, only to disrupt it afterward. So you see, that thing kind of bogged me.

I am usually a person that works best on a routine-based program. However, I have learned lately that not so much when it comes to my creativity.

Creativity after all, isn’t a thing you just pop it out of your hat like a bunny in a magic trick. It takes time. The idea might come at first, but the way you grow it, the way you put it out there, it’s all part of a creative process. And creative processes are different than mechanical ones.

Why MIA? Because I don’t want to fall under the trap

I think like many others, I have fallen under this trap the global culture/society nowadays promotes: you have to be productive otherwise you’re good for nothing. And that same principle is applied to creative endeavors.

Now, I’m not saying it’s not okay to have a certain schedule to follow. Like I said, for all the other things, I do follow a routine. However, I think when it comes to creative endeavors, it’s different. You just have to let it flow naturally.

Because to me it’s been proven over and over again… Sometimes I can write like nothing in this world can stop me, as my creativity flows over and over. Other times? It’s all a block. And it feels like no matter how much I try to unblock it, instead of helping, goes the other way around.

So after falling under this trap, my mind was tormenting me for not keeping it up with this blog. And for some time, I was under this spell. But then I stopped myself and reminded me of one thing: I am not obliged to do this. After all, this is a thing I do out of passion, not out of a commitment or because I have to.

Have to’s vs. out of passion

There are other things in my real life that I have to do, this isn’t one of them. This is a passion. And I am not going to kill something as fluid and flowing as passion with the rigors of a mechanical schedule…

This blog was started out of passion and it grew back then nicely because all the things I did were out of passion. Not because I was writing on a daily basis or kept I don’t know what schedule.

Plus, at the moment, there are current things in my real life, you know, that in which we all live despite being connected to a digital one, which are more important.

And that’s the choice I make. In a world where digital becomes like a cage, I choose natural/real world. As for my passion? I’ll run it as I see it fit. As it inspires me. As the flow comes.

I don’t want to force anything to come a certain way. No. I learned from the natural world that you just have to let things flow in their own way. Don’t force things. Forcing is not bringing you any good.

The resolve

So yeah, I decided to just let things flow as they want. If I feel like writing 5 posts a week, I will. But then, if I feel the need to recharge for another week, I will. Even if it will mean that the respective week I won’t write anything.

Because as I said, I want to do this out of passion, not out of a certain obligation. Yes, I worked in marketing, and I learned that in order to be the best and be at the top, you have to follow a certain schedule and bring your followers new content on a regular basis.

But I don’t want to be the best, nor at the top. I want to be me. I want to be real. Authentic. Passionate.

And the real me is this: sometimes it’s feels flooded with ideas and does many things at once. Other times I need to recharge and just be.

So if you’re okay with that, it’s great. If not, it’s still great. To each their own.

With this being said, I thank you for reading up to here. I have some goodies in store I want to share with you, soon. I just need to pack it nicely. Stay tooned!

How to not miss my posts despite my ever changing schedule/creative flow

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I think that’s the way to benefit all parties involved, lol.

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Thanks once again for reading.

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