What have I been doing lately + World of Samsara


Well, lately I was majorly busy with work-related stuff. Besides that, in my free time, as you all well know I have been planning my story along with starting to look for reference sources for character design. Yes, I am building my own story which I plan on naming World of Samsāra or Samsāra, still thinking about that. I have many concepts in mind however, it’s going to take me a lot of while to implement them. Ah, long story though, I won’t give you just all the details yet.

Just so you know, World of Samsāra will see the light one day!

Besides this, I am as well thinking as you well know on what series to pick on after I’m done with Naruto, which I am, but as I told you guys, all I’m waiting for is the whole movie for my final review and that’s it.


Other anime series I want to get into

Few of the names in my head are the well known Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, Shaman King – which I started before Naruto but I dropped it meantime.

I am somewhat interested in Psycho Pass and Tokyo Ghoul. I would like to get into Tokyo Ghoul however after hearing the atrocious news that Tokyo Ghoul is being animated by Studio Pierrot, my interest considerably dropped!

Why? Simple. I won’t get into another series that will get ruined at the end of it just because a studio cannot act professionally and decide to insert their own fantasy stories forcibly into canon. Just look at the horrible way Naruto ended.

So thank you, but no thank you!

I will never again watch an anime that is animated by Studio PierrotEver.

So if you do have a recommendation for me, before actually doing so, please keep in mind that if said series is being animated by Studio Pierrot I will instantly refuse to even hear about it. Tokyo Ghoul was an exception because of a different context. So yeah…

Besides that, I don’t really know what to tell you about because all that’s in my mind right now is creating the universe of World of Samsāra along with its inhabitants.

So wish me luck!

Anyway, hope you guys are doing okay and talk to ya next time!



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