The 5 wonders at the dawn of Productivity


In today’s society, given the rapid state at which it develops and works, in order to get into the dance one has to keep up with the rhythm. But usually, in order to do this and survive in the crazy spin of the world, a pair of good tools to help you go through the day are very much necessary.

Someone that is currently taking an active role at their job will surely know what I mean: the morning can’t start properly without a good cup of coffee (or tea, to each’s liking), the day cannot continue without a pair of headphones to help you loose yourself in the music and all those other little things without which we could not make it.


I am one of those people, if you ever wondered. Without my 5 magic tools a day isn’t perfect, isn’t at its best and if one of these 5 little guys are missing, my day feels incomplete.

And boy, surely I’m not the only one! My colleagues feel the same as me, so in a way you could say that we found each other. That’s why, a nice idea/campaign started at our work place.

Being convinced we’re not the only ones who cannot go through a daily routine without our special and magic 5 items and wanting to show people that yes, us, the people behind the curtain are just as normal as any other person out there, we started this campaign called Productivity Survival Kit.

Daily, me and my brave warrior teammates take on a new fight with the everyday life and each of us possess our own tools for battle. So then we thought, why not share the strategy with others as well? And this is how our Productivity Survival Kit came to be.

So then, this is my personal Productivity Survival Kit. What’s yours? icon_biggrin-8183958 Feel free to take a photo of your 5 productivity survival tools and send them over!

We’ll be sharing your strategy with the world, too! Find all our Productivity Survival Kit strategies on our Facebook page.



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