Short updates on my story – World of Samsara


As I promised to you guys the other day, I planned on giving you some little updates and details on my story’s development until now.

I am still doing a lot of research therefore my updates for the moment will be quite short. For now, however, I have some names set-up for few of my characters.

I still haven’t found the name of my main male character if you can imagine that!

However, I have the name of my main female character, one of her teammates, her master, her master’s grandfather and her teammate’s master name.

Please keep in mind that these names are like drawing sketches for now, hehe. Meaning, they might change over the course of my world building or might not.

Anyway, here they are:

My main female character’s name will be Zivah Shanti, while her master’s name will be Nuwa Sazaeoni.

The name of the secondary male character – if you wanna call it like that – will be Azi Dahaka while his master’s name will be Zahhak Avestan.

Zivah’s master, Nuwa will be the granddaughter of a great name in the story, named Ozain Hashira.

Some names might sound similar to you, some might not.

Indeed some were taken with the thought of paying tribute to some characters I really loved in different stories, TV shows or movies that I saw. Some were taken from different cultures, mythological stories, so on and so forth.

Yes, I still have other characters in mind. However I haven’t mentioned them to you by now because I’m still working on their names.

Now, besides these few little names I told you about, as you guys know and I have told you on my Tumblr, I recently got a tablet. So I can start learning how to draw. So, speaking of that let me present to you a graphic that will be like the logo or an element – still haven’t decided – of the overall logo for World of Samsāra.


It looks messy I know, but bear with me here, okay? It’s my second time putting my hand on that tablet, haha! I promise one day I’ll make it look better.

Anyway, this is kinda it for now… Will keep you guys posted and thank you once again for all the support you guys are showing me, you’re awesome!

PS: I just remembered, for any of you guys out there who want to know, World of Samsāra has a dedicated Tumblr blog.

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