Don’t lose sight of your light


Wow, I didn’t believe I would be getting to this stage one day if you were to ask me about it last year.

As I’m sure anyone has noticed, my presence over the last few months – dare I say year(s)?!, has been quite low around everywhere. As I think I already said that before. Captain Obvious is hitting again.

But that’s not the point here.

The point here is that yes, although – as I said in my previous post, I took the conscious decision to take it easier on the Internet and all its fame.

I also happened to be thinking that I would never be able to get back to it like – at least, I used to. I’ve been going through a major what you would call – life block.

You know how it is with writers for example. They get what we all know as the writer’s block.

Well, the same happened to me only that well, in and with life, generally.

That got me through some major ups and downs as I was telling you the other day. But as I said then, I’ll say it again today: it was a well received lesson.

Because that’s life – a major lesson. And that’s us – the eternal students. Learning as much and as best as we can all the information that is thrown at us.

I meant taught to us, of course. The minute you don’t keep up to the pace, the minute you risk to break all that you’ve built up until then.

Or maybe life decides that is time to shed a new you. So it rips you off of the old you in ways you’d never thought possible before. Happened in my case.

Still not sure what exactly life is trying to teach me since I’m the eternal student, and all that I knew – or was before last year, is long gone.

However at least with all the information and experience I’ve gathered up until now, I’m trying to make-out the best possible outcome of it.

Because in the end that’s what I believe to be the knack to all of it. Making the best out of every situation you’re in. Or out of every version of yourself.

And that leads me to the major focus of this post as the title itself says it: don’t lose sight of your light.

Sometimes I believe we take life too seriously. Not in the way you’d think I’m referring to.

What I believe is that as I said, you have to not lose sight of your light, your objectives, and keep on going forward no matter what.

I know that scientists are trying to break the code of life itself and try to recreate it in its most perfect form via AI’s, but I believe that that’s the trick to it. Life itself is a mess.

A beautiful one that is, if you ask me.

The ‘secret’ behind it is finding or, if not, creating the best outcome out of what you’ve already got around you.

But don’t strive for ‘perfection‘ because perfection doesn’t exist. A better version of what’s already there? Yes. Perfection? No.

That’d would mean the absolute and as we all know, Einstein proved to us that everything in this life is relative, not absolute.

Of course it wouldn’t be. Its life. It’s alive. Anything alive is a beautiful mess.

It’s very easy to slip into the other side, the ‘dark‘ one where all you see is pitch blackness ahead of you. Nothing ever works and things seem to only be getting worse.

Then, before we know it we’re a whining machine that nothing ever works. And that life has something with us in particular (and unless it’s real karma at work here…).

That we’re never gonna make it in this life again. All that former glory and things that seemed to be settled and working before this period came in our lives only seems to be a thing of the past now.

That’s why I believe that the thing with life itself, its beauty if you ask me. Life’s is a beautiful mess just like us, humans.

We’re its best embodiment. And just as we go today about our lives being at our best, so can life sometimes feel like you’re on top of the world.

But viceversa can also happen. And it doesn’t have to be because it’s about you.

And that is when I learned that it’s easiest to fall into the sea of bitterness and contempt when all you have to do is to simply like I said… don’t lose sight of your light.

Keep being focused and work your surroundings for the best outcome.

If it’s something we can be certain about is that life is fair to all of us. It screws us all the same. No one ever gets away.

Why do I say this? Because what follows next is so damn good. You know, there’s always this pro and against this saying ‘Good things come to those who wait’.

I think we all know which are the opinions on both sides of the coin here.

That’s why most of the times when I see fights rising because of said statement all I can think of – and that’s like with most things in my life to be honest, is balance.

Yes, good things do come for those who wait. But they wait after they’ve either given their best and a little more towards. If they’re in the case of just waiting, it’s okay.

Let them rest for a while. As long as they remember that at some point the work towards that goal has to be done.

Thus balance – takes on a side, gives on the other.  Because yes, it does give you back eventually. It did in my case.

As long as you don’t lose focus and keep your eyes on that light ahead of you. And don’t stumble or get stuck in a certain phase, good things do come ahead of you.

It’s a thing that I had forgotten over the course of this life of mine. But life had its rather intriguing way of reminding me that.

I might have very well missed the opportunity right under my nose. I’m just glad I didn’t and that I pulled myself out of my own darkness and went back to find my light.

And eventually I found it. Again. On all sides: career, personal projects, relationships etc.

And now everything feels so wonderful and perfect that sometimes – I must confess, I am afraid that I do not deserve the good things that are happening to me.

And that is all just a wonderful dream that I will wake up from later. But then I remember that no, it’s not. It’s the reality of my actions. It’s the environment I created for myself.

I did all of this with on my own worth and as long as I am alive, no matter what happens and how many times I fall down, as long as I’m alive I can always go back up and build this comfort again.

And I know that it all sounds like an old dusted and boring cliché. But there’s a reason why it came down to this state of cliché. Because it worked so many goddamn times: positive thinking and acting can get you wherever you want.

All as long as you put your head and heart to it. There’s nothing that can stop you as long as you’ve put your mind to it. The mind, oh…the mind. What a wonderful tool there. But that’s another story for another time now.

For this time around I’m going to end this post by sending everyone out there all my positive vibes and encouragements.

If you’re currently going through a hard time now, do trust me, it will pass. Sooner or later it will. Better days do eventually come.

With this being said, I bid you farewell until next time,



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