Japanese’s fandom reaction to Kishimoto’s latest interview in regards to the events that lead to the contents of The Last: Naruto the movie; on Sakura’s and Hinata’s troubling popularity, Neji Hyuga’s death in canon and other details


Naruto ended but what’s the Japanese’s fandom reaction to Kishimoto’s latest interview?

As we know, he had another interview these last moments.

Once again apparently he came to “clarify” certain aspects in regards to NaruHina’s canonization, the story of The Last, Neji’s death and Sakura’s character popularity.

Kishimoto’s The Last: Naruto the movie interview breakdown

Trang95 over Tumblr has informed us earlier about the contents of the interview which apparently were the following:

New Kishi Interview
Go to this link to see the video: http://video.fc2.com/en/content/201412144qrFcrym/
Go to this link to see the summary of the video above: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3466021866 I can’t confirm the translation of the summary of the video.

So if you don’t believe this one, go to the website, and find your own translator.

1. When Kishimoto first created Naruto he was inspired by a roadside ramen stall, he wanted to write about a youth eating ramen. his theme is considered questionable, but in the end it still became serialized while under doubts.

2. The fourth’s appearance was inspired by carelessly jumbling up kiba and akamaru’s combination. and so naruto father’s image was set.
3. Before the chunnin exams, Kishimoto originally wanted to draw a few more missions, but to ask him to illustrate the whole ninjaverse at one go, kishi says it is very stressful to have to do so many characters, so he asked his assistant for help, and the assistant created Lee using reference from Jackie Chan. 
4. In Akatsuki Kishimoto’s fav is Hidan. Kishi was told that the image of Shikamaru smoking can’t possible be animated on TV, but Kishi did it anyway. He tried to make Hidan look not as intidimating
5. Kishi feel that Jiraiya’s death was spectacular, therefore if he was edo tensei, it would be hard to draw naruto’s reaction. that’s why jiraiya did not re-appear.
6. Kishi is troubled by Sakura’s popularity among the readers. While he was drawing covers, it was easy drawing naruto and sasuke, but for sakura kishi have to spend more time re-drawing and adjusting, worrying that he might draw her ugly. sakura’s family is not revealed because of popularity reasons, but hinata with low number of appearances were consistently popular with the readers, kishi once had the idea to change hinata to the heroine. 
7. He let neji die for naruto and hinata to be closer, that’s how hinata brought her daughter to visit his grave in chapter 700. Naruto’s son boruto and neji is the same meaning, this is all intended early on.
8. Before naruto KO enemies Kishi would use several different angle shots to show the same move, this is inspired by Jackie Chan’s martial arts film. also when doing KO scenes Kishi don’t like to draw the character faces, he feel that revealing faces will diminish the impact of the body moving and the artwork.
9. At the end when Naruto and Sasuke fight, the original intention is that they finish while holding hands, but kishi changed his mind and cut their hands, making a more gory ending.
10. When NARUTO ends, Kishi introduces next year’s movie and naruto exibition 2015, revealing that orochimaru, kabuto, and lesser characters will be re-appearing in the boruto series, to finish the main plot. then kishi says he will be relaxing for the time bring, call an assistant to discuss about the new series. it is unclear whether the new series will still be centered around ninjas or around a totally new theme.

EDIT: A translator i trust, also said Kishi said this:
1)Kakashi got more popular than Naruto so he had to decrease his appearance
2)This 15 years he suffered because of Sasuke and Sakura
3)To make Hinata look more like Naruto’s heroine, Neji had to die like a cupid (to which the interviewer caution, can we air this??)


Japanese’s fandom reaction to Kishimoto’s latest interview

After such news came out, Japanese fans talking about their impressions over @2ch forums couldn’t help but share their opinions:

821 名無しさんそうだ選挙に行こう2014/12/14(日) 07:16:43.50 ID:sX9jSRUz
I believe Hinata’s popularity is coming from the SP

823 名無しさんそうだ選挙に行こう2014/12/14(日) 07:20:06.27 ID:sX9jSRUz
There is no way I can celebrate this
I’m already having a hard time watching this
They don’t even have the will to repay for Neji’s death like Shikamaru had for Asuma

824 名無しさんそうだ選挙に行こう2014/12/14(日) 07:22:50.41 ID:R/Nv/HVR
They don’t have the will to change the Hyuuga for Neji who died and protect them
It’s okay if the Hyuuga is going to change by knitting scarves

827 名無しさんそうだ選挙に行こう2014/12/14(日) 07:51:18.34 ID:MvHwk6wN
For me Naruto ended at part one.

828 名無しさんそうだ選挙に行こう2014/12/14(日) 07:52:59.98 ID:o0Rqj73n
War criminal Kishimoto
I’ve only had few years but I’d like to say “take a well rest” to people who have been pushed around by Kishimoto for 15 years
No matter what kind of theme he wanted to express, his laziness prevent it from the message having any weight

832 名無しさんそうだ選挙に行こう2014/12/14(日) 08:18:45.60 ID:qBT4q3sF
Don’t they know the popularity by looking at the merchandise? If Hinata was really popular why do they do advertisement with only team seven. He should just say that he changed the heroine to Hinata only listening to the voice of the anime studio.

833 名無しさんそうだ選挙に行こう2014/12/14(日) 08:21:18.30 ID:fpudA+RR
So everything was a good environment for the character that had the loudest fandom
No wonder the story is so much like fanfiction
Starting with the film the garbash just keeps coming out

834 名無しさんそうだ選挙に行こう2014/12/14(日) 08:24:32.43 ID:LlVqgUPB
He should just honestly say it was the anime studio’s voice
So annoyed with Hinatards
They’re shits with only a loud voice

839 名無しさんそうだ選挙に行こう2014/12/14(日) 09:53:41.74 ID:LlVqgUPB
Hinata a character that was born to destroy canon

841 名無しさんそうだ選挙に行こう2014/12/14(日) 10:01:48.08 ID:sX9jSRUz
The reason why the voice of Sakutards didn’t reach was because she was the unshakeable heroine and there was no need to say it

843 名無しさんそうだ選挙に行こう2014/12/14(日) 10:04:15.53 ID:ZNHhPyNB
It’s a mystery why they did not use the very popular Hinata for commercial….
When she’s the movie heroine

844 名無しさんそうだ選挙に行こう2014/12/14(日) 10:05:36.75 ID:rruKVaw4
The sixth popular character did not become popular so I made the eleventh popular character the heroine….I don’t think I understand what he is saying

845 名無しさんそうだ選挙に行こう2014/12/14(日) 10:11:22.51 ID:sX9jSRUz
I killed the 7th popular character for the 11th popular character lol……I do not understand what he is saying


847 :名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう:2014/12/14(日) 10:15:18.75 ID:rruKVaw4
The author cannot count numbers……

848 :名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう:2014/12/14(日) 10:16:28.83 ID:9m3S3srr
Where is Hinata popular

849 :名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう:2014/12/14(日) 10:17:50.86 ID:rruKVaw4
Seems to be popular among anime studio
852 :名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう:2014/12/14(日) 10:19:12.54 ID:Mu99wLyK
Kishi is retarded
If they see how much Hinata merchandise they took away and the trailer of the movie it’s obvious how unpopular she is
How does he see a hallucination that Hinata is popular
Also, if he sees pixie and the merchandise the one with the most popularity is Sakura
Is Kishi’s eyes and brain alright?

853 :名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう:2014/12/14(日) 10:21:07.71 ID:ZNHhPyNB
If they are deciding by popularity the movie should have featured Naruto a Sasuke Kakashi

854 :名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう:2014/12/14(日) 10:32:59.06 ID:aQFx6SGv
This movie could have made a lot of money with just team seven action
How did it come like this

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