New transformations in Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3


New transformations in Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 ! Have you guys seen it? The new transformations in Sailor Moon Crystal 3 have slightly changed and we have new goodies to fangirl over.  I’ll first show you what I’m talking about:

Not only that, but the whole process of transformation – although very CGI because hello technology, has become in my humble opinion more fluid.

Sailor Moon fandom overall seemed to have shared opinions regarding the new Crystal series, both against and for the new way the girls are drawn, and the whole transformation process seemed to be under everyone’s scope.

I don’t know how others were but for me, the transformation process before this new season was meh.

Too mechanic, too shiny and too fake was the impression I first got when looking at it.

And not only by comparing it to the old series, just as a stand-alone thing. When compared to the old series – for me at least, it was horrendous.

However, apparently Toei and their marketing team do take their research seriously and their fans’ opinions as well, and look at them today – returning to that old style we all loved.

Call me old-fashioned, but I love more the old type of animation than this new one. Yes, I do love technology and the facilities it can offer us however, at some point, technology doesn’t even begin to touch the feeling you get from an old animated series. At least movements seemed more fluid – for me, at least.

That’s basically what happened in Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 as well from what we can see. Toei decided to apply some old knowledge to new buds and voila, in the end, we get something more beautiful than what we first got. So, how do you find these new add-ons?



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