Kaika Saisei Chapter 3: Helplesness

Kaika Saisei Chapter 3 has finally arrived, everyone! Following the events of its predecessor, this chapter sets to jumpstart another important part in Sakura Haruno’s plot.

Back when Naruto ran, we all wished we could see more of the heroine’s background, isn’t it? But as Kishimoto was saying in his interview with Kobayashi back when the series ended, he gave-up that idea due to popularity reasons.

Like many other Sakura Haruno fans I was very disappointed when I found this out. It’s like he gave up on her.

Why give up on your own heroine? In what world does an author do that with the heroine of its own story? Truth be told, I wish Kishimoto would’ve had more backbone than what he had. Because the story was there, the mechanics, the symbolism… everything! Everything was pointing towards Sakura’s development.

But eh, he didn’t, so why dwell on the past right?

That’s why I took it upon me to develop that side of the heroine with this story. Because as I said, Kaika Saisei will be mainly about Sakura Haruno first and foremost. And Kaika Saisei chapter 3 is here to stand proof of this even more.

One of the subjects that the original Naruto lacked was like I said, the Haruno background. And the relationship between the heroine and her parents all together. That’s why I am here to “fix” that with this story.

So what’s the bond between Sakura Haruno and her family? How does Sakura feel about being part of a civilian background in a world full of elites? What do her parents think about their daughter’s choice? How does this bond work?

Read at your own discretion and find out in this newest chapter of Kaika Saisei.

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2 Replies to “Kaika Saisei Chapter 3: Helplesness”

  1. Anna says: February 19, 2021 at 01:31

    I just finished reading the chapter and was very curious about the end of the chapter.

    I love the Haruno marriage. They have a natural relationship.

    Angs NS always makes me sad. * Sigh *
    I always thought that Sakura was very affected by Naruto’s near death. It always bothered me that it wasn’t mentioned later. Sakura was emotionally very attached to Naruto but Kishimoto puts it aside.

    1. Chatte Georgiana says: February 19, 2021 at 01:40

      Hey Anna! Welcome to my blog.
      Really glad you enjoyed the chapters and the Haruno marriage. Like I said on my social media accounts, this was the challenge for me this chapter: to write the Haruno dynamics, given that we know so little about them.

      Should I say sorry or not about the angst, though? Lol. Not sure about that one, haha.

      And yeah, sadly Kishimoto just tossed aside some dynamics between characters, but that’s okay. I’m here to remind people of them, hehe.

      Thank you for your feedback on this! I truly appreciate it.

      All the best to you!

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