Kaika Saisei Chapter 6: Canvas


Hey everyone, Kaika Saisei chapter 6 is finally here! Once again it took me a questionable amount to write it, but hey, I managed to keep it in time!

I have to admit, being a chapter that focuses on Sasuke Uchiha gave me some headaches. It’s been known that my relationship with his character has always been a love-hate one. Many hate him to death, or love him to the same amount. I, for one, am in-between those states.

I love some of the things I can find in his character, while hate others. It’s complex like that. Nevertheless, like I always said, I want to treat all the characters with respect. And that’s what I tried my best doing with Kaika Saisei chapter 6, which focuses on him fully. As you’ve probably guessed by now, haha.

I have to admit, writing up to chapter 5 was easier. I have everything planned and I know how and where I want to go with this story. With Sasuke, too. That wasn’t my issue. My issue was with writing him. With properly portraying the quest he undergoes. Why? Because as much as I have my love-hate relationship with him, like I said, I want to treat him with respect.

And the way to do that is by writing him in-character. I’ve always disliked when people stray too much for the OG source material. It’s something I tried to avoid to the best of my abilities with Sasuke as well. Despite the fact that I am writing him in a total new scenery, and I’d be free to paint the canvas however I want (*winkwink*), I still wanted to be as much in character as possible, like I said.

Anyway, without further ado, I invite you to start reading chapter 6!

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