Kaika Saisei Chapter 10: Fire & Rebirth

Hello everyone, I’m happy to bring you Kaika Saisei Chapter 10 called Fire & Rebirth!

I know it’s a bit late. A lot has happened in my personal life.

Therefore all my personal creative projects such as Kaika had to take a back seat so I can deal with the others.

Happily, now as I got a little bit more time, I instantly got back to it and here I am today, bringing you the 10th chapter of the series.

Basically I have finished the first volume, yay!

What you can expect of this chapter? Well, a lot of plot progression, that’s for sure.

Chapter 10 is, like I said on my Twitter, a pivotal chapter. Why? Because it’s the chapter that deals with the idea that started the whole project!

It’s the chapter where a lot of things connect: Sakura, the Hashirama connection, the Neji Hyuga revival I was promising you when I first talked about Kaika and so many others!

It’s the chapter that starts the upgrade of Sakuar’s character, basically, with all that such thing entails. This includes her family as well!

Although the chapter’s cover portrays a certain idea, the focus is mostly on Sakura here. There are a lot of subtleties I hope you guys can pick on.

I won’t tell you which ones are because you know me, I don’t like to spoon fed. I like to leave bits and trails and hope that you guys get them. 😀

Up until this chapter I didn’t say I am proud of my writing, but to be honest, with this one I am. Maybe not fully.

So without further ado, I invite you to read Kaika Saisei Chapter 10!


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