Dota 2 characters I love to play with


Missing to play the game for quite a while, I decided to make a list of Dota 2 characters I like to play with, whenever I get the chance. If you’re wondering why I say missing, well let me tell you why.
As you’ve probably seen  by now, it’s been quite a while since I even wrote a serious article. The reason being that my old laptop kind of died. I mean, it’s not dead dead. But it’s working so hard, that I had no choice, but to stop utilizing it.

If you’re wondering where this article has been written on… Well, let me tell you it’s not on that laptop, haha.

It’s quite an old one, and for all its worth, he did his fair share of work. It was quite limiting, but at least I was able to work easy tasks on it and do one thing: play Dota 2.

But for a year or so, I couldn’t play the game anymore. I could barely write an article and work an edit or two for my articles. But that was it.

Of course, I decided that it’s time to get a desktop. Somewhere by April I should have it. But as the date approaches, I am even more impatient to have it here already.

And in my impatience, I recalled how much I loved to play Dota 2. So today, for old time’s sake aka until the new desktop arrives, I decided to write an article. About the Dota 2 characters I love to play with.


In no particular order, let’s start lining them up.

1. Sniper

Sniper is actually the first hero from the Dota 2 characters list I played with. Being a beginner, of course that the theme I played with back then advised to take him. At first, I didn’t really understand why. But as soon as we started the game, I did.

Sniper is an agility type of hero. He’s also ranged, which was perfect for a beginner like me. His range is crazy long, and once you level him up, you can actually shoot across the other half of the map.


This is something incredibly useful if you’re a beginner and the opponent wants to attack you, because you have time to run, lol. Well, unless the opponent is Phantom Assassin or Spirit Breaker.

Because yeah, while I enjoyed the fact that Sniper has a really long range, I learned the hard way that each hero has its counterpart. But nevertheless, Sniper can be one of the most cunning Dota 2 characters to play with, and can carry his team to victory with no problem.

Some of my biggest achievements have been done with him.

This guy can singlehandedly defend the entire base, if you’re out of defense towers, while your team goes and attacks the enemy base. I’ve done it more than once. That rain of shrapnel? Chef’s kiss, haha.

I think once I will get a desktop and start playing Dota 2 again, he’s going to be one of the first heroes I’ll play with. Hopefully I’ll remember the build I used to have for him by then.

If not, thanks got there’s a history of played games and I can check that one to remember.

2. Drow Ranger

The second character I played with was Drow Ranger. See the pattern here, haha? Drow is another agility type character, who is a pusher and carry. For someone who was in their beginning of playing Dota, Drow also seemed another type of character fit for me to play with. She’s also ranged and the fact that she’s a pusher it was perfect. Why? Because it gave me the time to learn game mechanics.


Not to mention the agility she gets when she raises in level. It’s crazy! While playing Dota, I only did rampage once. That one time I was playing with her. Can’t remember exactly right now the build I had, but I know I pushed a lot on agility. She just killed everything and everyone in her path.

In the meantime, she became, along with Sniper one of my favorite Dota 2 characters to play with.

If with Sniper in time I kind of chilled, with Drow, I didn’t. I played with her every time I got the chance. And I mean every time because if it wasn’t me picking her, it was someone else from the opponent team. Man, what a bummer!

3. Viper

Another character I enjoy playing is Viper. By this time you already noticed that I have a pattern of agility heroes. And yes, I do. Agility & ranged? Perfect for me. I think we chose our heroes similar to our own personas?

I’m that type of person that just likes to stay at a certain range and mind my own business. I’ve been like this in almost every fandom I’ve been in. I say almost, because I failed with one of them and that is Naruto. That’s where I got too involved. But anyway, we’re not here to speak about that. Back to gaming…

Viper is one of the, if not the easiest hero to play with. Like I said, he’s also an agility and ranged hero. Granted, his range is not as long as Sniper’s but depending on how you build him, it can get pretty decent.


His range combined with that passive lifesteal can make him one of the most dangerous heroes to play against. Add his agility and a good build on top, and he’s almost indestructible.

Whenever I want to chill and don’t put too much effort into the game (because yeah, sometimes I get lazy) I choose Viper.

This is also another character who’s great for beginners.

4. Venomancer

Venomancer came as a surprise for me, actually. I am the type of player who has certain heroes that she likes to play and sticks with them. I’m the ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ type of person.

Same with the characters I play. But one day, for some reason I said okay, let’s try something else. So I picked Venomancer. I honestly can’t remember why.


But oh booy, big was the surprise when I started playing with the character. Of course, staying true to my pattern Venomancer is yet another agility + ranged type of hero. But he is a versatile character through and through.

His full Dota profile says he’s ranged, support, nuker, initiator, pusher & disabler. To be honest, whenever I want to play support, I kind of use him. His versatility and abilities make him a really good support hero. Why? Because he can be both on the front lines and the back lines.

Depends where the team needs him.

5. Medusa

Aaah, one of my absolute favorites E-VER!

I didn’t start playing with Medusa until later on. At first, she seemed a very hard character to play with. Despite the fact that she, too is an agility & ranged type of hero. So she fits the pattern perfectly. But for some reason I didn’t play with her.

Granted, with Medusa there’s a little bit of hard work until you get to raise her level. But once she is where she needs to be, she can singlehandedly take on a full team of opponents. I know because I did that few times.

She is just that amazing. That Stone Gaze of hers combined with the Split shots and a good build? Once again, chef’s kiss.

If it’s one character I miss the most playing with, it’s her.

She even has a new ability under her belt since the last time I played with her. And a new costume which I am dying for!


Man, I really can’t wait to get back to the game and play!

6. Naga Siren

Behold the character that breaks the pattern! The very first meelee character I played with and liked it. I tried with others as well, but rarely did like it to be honest.

Well, Naga is the one who breaks that pattern of ‘plays only ranged heroes’.


Naga is one of my favorite characters because despite being melee, she’s highly agile. One of the reasons I don’t like working with melee/strength characters is because they’re slower. This doesn’t quite fit my persona to be honest.

But with Naga, things are different. She’s strong, and she’s fast. So if you’re getting your ass kicked too much, you can immediately sing a siren song and run the hell away. Cuz this lady here runs hella fast.

That’s why whenever I am in the mood to play with a melee character to change a bit the ranged version, I choose her.

Plus, she reminds me a bit of Naruto with the doppelganger ability.

Anyway, all in all, these are my favorite Dota 2 characters I love to play whenever I have the time.

Now as I write this, the missing intensifies even more.

I can’t wait for my new desktop to be here so I can play a new Dota 2 match!

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