Kaika Saisei chapter 13: Enigmas

Welcome to Kaika Saisei chapter 13: Enigmas! It’s been about four months since I’ve written anything, I know.

My initial plans when I first started this project went downhill.

I used to tell you guys how my plan would be to write one chapter per month. Hah, sweet summer child I was… that knew nothing. Since 2020 when I first started this project until now, so many things happened in my private life. So many milestones.

One of which being the one from last year. I told you in my previous post how I went through  major changes. It was truly a great personal milestone. One which, I hope, now that I’m done with it, will allow me to be more consistent with everything.

The signs are that it kind of does for now, as it didn’t take me almost an entire year to write Kaika Saisei chapter 13 haha. So yay small victory!

I’m truly hoping that little by little I can get back to my old publishing schedule. If not, at least something close to it. However, this will not happen really soon, as I’ve got a small announcement to make regarding all this.

As you all know from my socials, most probably from my Twitter (sorry not sorry, the branding branded in my brains, can’t call it X) where I blabber all day, I plan on taking a break from the story after writing Kaika Saisei chapter 13.

Wait, what? Break, but I barely got back to writing it? What is happening?

Writing break after Kaika Saisei chapter 13

As explained in that post, after writing this chapter, I’ll take a break.

The reason? To plan the story arcs.

I have had everything ready since 2020 when I started it – in terms of ideas, backgrounds, plots & yadda yadda. I knew what I wanted to do with this story from the moment it all bursted in my head. Plus, having my old theories from back in the day helped a lot.

The only thing I was missing then was the timeline of events and the story arcs.

In the meantime, despite all the interruptions in my life, I managed to work on the timeline. As you might’ve seen from my socials, working on the timeline was a big undertaking in itself, especially given I wanted to connect everything.

Then aah, life started happening and I barely got to work on it.

Throughout all this I learned that exposition is a very important part of a story. So, I came to the conclusion that I have to work on properly setting the story arcs, so that all that’s left after I do this is to write the story.

That’s why I want to and I will take that break.

What will happen to me and the project in the meantime?

Some of you have asked me on my Tumblr what will happen to me and the project in the meantime, if I will disappear off the face of social media, for example.

As I said there, I don’t know exactly in terms of my social media presence. I might be on, I might be off. I’ll just let my flow decide.

In terms of the project, however, it won’t stop.

Kaika Saisei manga version is still an ongoing project. The third manga chapter is already commissioned and will start production soon.

I’m also planning on opening donations for the 4th manga chapter soon, so I can be as higher as possible in Rav’s commission list. The sooner I can commission her, the higher I can be on the list. Otherwise, I’ll have to wait more time for my turn if I’m lower down the list.

If you want the manga chapters to get published faster and have the possibility (and want!) to donate, don’t forget, you can do it on my Ko-fi page.

So yeah, that’s pretty much the gist of it. Hope you can understand.

Without further ado, I’ll leave you with the last chapter which I hope from the bottom of my heart you’ll enjoy.

It’s something I’ve wanted to write for a long time now. From the times people asked me on Tumblr how I would see certain plots where Sakura seemed to be initially involved with.




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