Kaika Saisei Chapter 5: A desire from the past


Hey everyone, I am happy to announce that Kaika Saisei chapter 5 is finally here! I am sorry it took so long to write it, but it has been really crazy lately. I already told you guys on my social media channels the reason for my absence. So I won’t be redundant and repeat myself once again.

I have to admit that I was actually worried about not being able to deliver a chapter this month. That’s how busy it has been. And I was thinking to myself… if I cannot deliver one chapter per month, can I really do this? But I pushed through everything and here I am now, proudly presenting you Kaika Saisei Chapter 5.

This chapter brings forth an old known threat to the humans in the Naruto world: the Ōtsutsuki clan. We all know about them, right? You might wander why the Ōtsutsukis, though?

Well, personally I have been a fan of Kaguya herself and the concept. I just didn’t like the way all this plot has been handled. Therefore, I took it upon myself to expand a bit on them all. Granted, with my own twist.

You’ll probably notice a lot of things that you can find in the original story. Of course that those elements will be met in this fanfiction. However, what I am bringing new is my own twist to it. I might sound a bit too full of myself right now, but I believe this way things would be better. A bit. I mean, this is something I would have loved seen explored in canon if possible, rather than what we got.

But oh well. It is what it is. Sometimes we don’t get what we want.

Without further ado, I say start reading chapter 5 here!

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