East European Comic Con 2019 – trip down memory lane


For quite a few days here, I started missing cons. Especially after the whole buzz about Lady Dumitrescu from Resident Evil. Which happens to happen in Romania, haha. Can’t wait to see how that will translate into Romanian con experience when we’ll be able to go back to them. That’s why today I decided to talk a bit more about that. More precisely East European Comic Con 2019, which is my second con experience in Romania. I decided to take a trip down memory lane with this one, too. After going on my first one, where I told you about EECC2018.

So, what does this story entail and how was my second experience? Let me walk you through it.

EECC 2019 – the preparation

Having the experience of the previous year, I enrolled myself for the second time into this adventure. Granted, whereas last time I didn’t quite decide from the very beginning who I’ll costume myself as, this year was different.

I had three characters in mind. One was Miss Marvel – the Warbird costume, as I had that one already prepared from the London Comic Con 2018.

Second one which was the ‘star’ of this year’s edition, was Sakura Haruno – war version (do you see a war pattern here?).

Third one, which I never actually got to wear due to reasons I’ll tell you about later was Shalimar Fox from Mutant X. A character dear to mine, from my very early fandom days.

Along with a friend of mine at that time, we had both ordered our main costumes props.

I had my Sakura wig, he was preparing his Sasuke costume. Yes, you’ve guessed it. We went as Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto.

The irony of this situation, though? Both of us were NaruSaku shippers. But as characters were involved, I am a Sakura Haruno fan, he’s a Sasuke Uchiha one.

So, all looked good and I was ready for another adventure. EECC 2019, here I come! I said to myself.

EECC 2019 – road to the con

This time, unlike previous year, I had it easy with the accommodation. I stayed at my friend’s house. Met other nice people. Granted, maybe not as much as I told you I did in the previous year with all the craziness surrounding my accommodation, lol.

Whereas previous year it was a crazy ride, this year was more chill.

But, I still took the car sharing ride from Cluj to Bucharest. So, at least I still kept a part of the adventurous spirit of the experience.

The road was nice, this time we drove by night. I said I need to be even more prepared than the previous year. So by Friday morning I was already in Bucharest, at my friend’s place.

The guy driving us both to Bucharest was pretty amazed at my reason to go there. You see, although we are a lot in Romania who are accustomed with these kind of events, a big part of the population doesn’t quite get the whole thing. But it’s okay. In the recent years, the phenomena started growing even more.

We even had one in Cluj after the one in Bucharest. Which I sadly and ironically couldn’t partake in, because in that exact time of the year my best friend’s wedding took place. Cons come and go, but your bff only gets married once in a lifetime. So yeah, I had to make a sacrifice there.

East European Comic Con 2019 – the experience

Soo, finally in Bucharest, preparing for the con. As you know from the other cons, the experience is a 3 days one: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

My plan was set: Friday go as Miss Marvel, Saturday as Sakura Haruno and Sunday as Shalimar Fox. Sundays are usually the more chill days, so I said to myself I want to wear the chill costume.

But did my plan work out? Of course not!

Friday afternoon as I was preparing my costume and everything, at some point there’s this huge storm coming out. It flooded streets in Bucharest as crazy. Especially at the entrance of the con. So I had to change my plans.

In the end, I only wore the Miss Marvel Warbird costume and Sakura Haruno. I still have the cat contacts unopened since last year.

I initially said it’s okay, I’m wearing them to the Cluj one. That was before knowing that the Cluj one will be at the same time as my bff’s wedding.

In 2019 I was a bit more on the budget, so no pictures with actors nor anything like that. Just pictures with other cosplayers, and around ‘the house’ ones.

I’ll leave you with some down below.

east-european-comic-con-2019-sakura-haruno-joker-cosplay east-european-comic-con-2019-sakura-haruno-kaneki-cosplay east-european-comic-con-2019-sakura-haruno-sasuke-uchiha-cosplay east-european-comic-con-2019-sakura-haruno-sasuke-uchiha-sasusaku-cosplay east-european-comic-con-2019-miss-marvel-warbird-cosplay east-european-comic-con-2019-miss-marvel-warbird-johnny-bravo-cosplay east-european-comic-con-2019-sakura-haruno-cosplay

So yeah, this was my experience at the last Comic Con in Romania. I hope I’ll soon participate in another one.

But since things are the way they are with the virus right now, this only seems a thing quite hard to do.

But I’m keeping my views hopeful. I’m curious to see how Lady Dumitrescu will shape the Romanian Con experience, haha. We might have a Harley Quinn redo like it happened in the past years. I’m sure you guys remember how all cons we’re majorly taken over by Harley cosplays, right?

Anyway, thanks for reading!

Yours truly,


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