Kaika Saisei: a Naruto AU, after the war. Sakura Haruno centric


Kaika Saisei – I’ve been talking about it on all my social media channels for a while now. I thought it’s the time to do a proper post about it. To talk more in depth, and try to respond to some of the most frequent questions someone might have about it.

I’ve been receiving some questions about it these past few days, so I think this is only fitting to do. So then, without prolonging this too much, allow me to tell you a bit about Kaika Saisei.

Kaika Saisei: from where it began

You see, as I said to someone on my Tumblr, Kaika Saisei – the name of it, isn’t technically my idea. There was someone back in the day who presented this idea to me, in the form of a fic submission to my inbox there. We talked about it and what it meant and whatnot. It was kinda like a gift I received.

In her idea Kaika Saisei was meant to be something along the lines of Cherry Blossom Rebirth. We kept talking about how nice it would if Kishimoto would make Sakura have her own technique, outside what Tsunade taught her.

I really liked the idea and at some point, I was even inspired to write my own short drabble, later on. Years after. All while being reminded of that jutsu and that person who came to my inbox.

Can’t remember their username, to be honest. Nor I can find the post, since it’s been years. More than six, if I am not mistaken. Naruto was still very much running.

But I do keep that person in my memory.

Now, years passed along and I even took a break from all of this. A lot has happened in my personal life. I got sick, I got a surgery, then I lost this blog, and all that jazz. I had a lot to catch-up to.

But somehow this wretched story still stuck with me, lol. Particularly, Sakura’s character did, for various reasons. Mainly her symbolism. I went through some experiences myself. You can very well see these are some sort of rebirth on my part.

And as I slowly returned, this came back with me, too.

The reason behind the story

Like you all know, I am very disappointed with how Naruto ended. That’s no secret. I’m also very disappointed with how Kishimoto decided in the end to treat his heroine.  That’s no secret, either.

The way he decides to end the story and the messages he sends with that ending are very problematic. For reasons I won’t discuss in this very post.

So I’m left with a choice, basically. Keep complaining about it. Or actually do something about it.

That’s why I took a decision. Besides the analyses and reviews I write on this blog, do something more.

Write my own alternate universe of the story. Where the story treats the heroine like it should. Like the heroine she is.

Where the story doesn’t forget its main themes. Its main lessons. Its core message.

Plus, my dream is to become a published author one day. So this is the perfect opportunity to exercise my skills.

Kaika Saisei – what you need to know about it

Well, many have wondered what about this story, what is it about? Will the story mention only Sakura? Will any pairings be present? So on and so forth. All these kind of questions.

Well, allow me to elaborate on this a bit.

First things first, yes, this will be a Sakura Haruno centric story. However, that doesn’t mean Sakura is the only character in the story. You can’t make a story with just one character. That’s why it needs connections, interactions.

Like in life, we can’t be alone. We cannot have experiences if we don’t come into different relationships with different people. Therefore, the story will have more characters than just Sakura.

The only thing to remember here though, is that indeed this is a Sakura Haruno centric story. Which means the most of the focus is on her. But she’s not the only one appearing in it.

Basically, this story is set after the war, after 699.

Sakura deals with a newfound dilemma: how can she raise up to the challenge of ninja gods, when she barely managed to finally be able to fight on the battlefield? How can she truly match her ninja gods of teammates, while she’s nothing more than a human ninja? She promised them she’ll finally show them her back. And yet, a new challenge arises.

Now, in terms of pairings, yes, it will also have pairings. I don’t like how that part is dealt with in the manga either; there’s no secret about it. So I’m trying to have my own take on it. I won’t spoil it too much, but some aspects of the pairings will actually tie up with the power-ups some characters receive.

But that’s all I’m going to say for now.

Main plots that will be treated in Kaika Saisei

First of all, given that it’s a Sakura Haruno centric story, it will focus mostly on her side of the story. Her lineage, her power-ups and her ups and downs.

I’m answering some questions like the drawbacks of Byakugou and everything of the sorts.

Second of all it will be about the Uzumakis. I built an entire background for them, along with Harunos. The hero’s lineage deserves recognition. That is a part of canon I always despised for not being touched upon.

The story is called Naruto, not Sasuke Uchiha. And yet somehow, it’s all about Uchihas. I feel like on this respect, Kishi himself disrespects his hero. I would’ve liked to know more about him and his lineage, to be honest. He could have found ways to do it, but sadly didn’t.

That’s why this is a topic i’m trying to deal myself with. Hope I will do it the justice it deserves.

Next in line… Neji Hyuga. I’m so bringing that boy back in business. Neji dies in the most stupid and unnecessary way. His death is a cheap way out. Drops one of the coolest plots of the manga. I am so not letting that happen!

And since he was drawn like a Phoenix on the cover of volume 64, I’m planning on making full use of that very symbolism heheh.

So yeah, these are three major plotlines I am focusing on in this story.

The other plots I touch upon? Well, see for yourself in the images below.

kaika-saisei-naruto-au-sakura-haruno-centric-plots-1 kaika-saisei-naruto-au-sakura-haruno-centric-plots-2 kaika-saisei-naruto-au-sakura-haruno-centric-plots-3 kaika-saisei-naruto-au-sakura-haruno-centric-plots-4 kaika-saisei-naruto-au-sakura-haruno-centric-plots-5 kaika-saisei-naruto-au-sakura-haruno-centric-plots-6 kaika-saisei-naruto-au-sakura-haruno-centric-plots-7

Hope I managed to give you an overall idea about the things I plan to undertake on in the story.

A closing word

Some might wonder why I’m doing this. Why do I care, maybe? Well, it’s a way for me to turn all the anger I had with the ending and its message, into something constructive.

Instead of just whining about how it continued and about how Boruto is this big disservice to the characters and lessons we once knew, to do something about it. Present my own take on it.

So instead of being destructive about it, I’m being creative. If it’s something that Naruto taught me with all the analysis I’m writing and everything, is that I am very creative.

So then, why not put that creativity to good use?

Here, I’ll be mostly posting the chapters and everything, but if you want to keep posted with other activities around the story, you can always find me on my social media accounts under the chattegeorgiana handle.

Or follow the Instagram page I dedicated solely to this story.

Like always, many thanks to Pumiih for drawing me the cover.

Until next time.

Yours truly,


A PS message:

I realized that being on my blog, it’ll be harder for you to keep track with all the chapters as I publish some other articles in-between.

That’s why I decided I will update this post with all the newest chapter that appear. Like a table of contents where you can check it chapter by chapter.

Therefore I’m leaving you with it.

Kaika Saisei: Table of Contents

Volume 1:

Chapter 1: Every end is a new beginning

Chapter 2: Of Gods and Goddesses

Chapter 3: Helplessness

Chapter 4: The future past

Chapter 5: A desire from the past

Chapter 6: Canvas

Chapter 7: Recollection

Chapter 8: A new dawn

Chapter 9: Shonanoka

Chapter 10: Fire & Rebirth

Volume 2:

Chapter 11: The ties that bind

Chapter 12: Ties of a failed past

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