Creation & The Sun: The legend (NaruSaku drabble)


This NaruSaku drabble is my entry for the NaruSaku Zine 2019 edition. I wanted to talk about it a long time ago. However, I didn’t.
It may have to do with the fact that I was one of the “lucky” ones this past year. As in, I don’t have my copy of the zine. Apparently, it’s lost somewhere in the middle from the US to Romania.

I kept quiet all this time about my entry because I hoped that I’d somehow magically still get the zine. But alas, then the pandemic hit and well, who knows where my copy is? However, I think that enough time has passed since then.

That is why, as my first entry from the Fragments of Creation series of posts I mentioned sometime ago. Thus I bring to you my NaruSaku Zine 2019 entry!

Creation & The Sun: The legend

It is said that in the Old times, when no man walked the Earth, and Earth itself never even lived, Nothingness surrounded all that there was and all that there would ever be.
That such as times were then, and so were they going to stay, until She the Divine will awaken, and He, the Spirited shall come to form.
It is an old tale that no one really knows who was the one who said it first, nor from where it originated.
It is also said that back then, when Nothingness existed, not even the Air we breathe, the Fire that warms us, the Earth that we stand on, nor the Water that soothes our souls, from that very Nothingness itself, She bore Herself.
But because She was all alone surrounded by Void, she created Light and Darkness. So that she would never be alone. And then Fire, Air, Water and Earth followed.
And as she meld them all, and as she blend them together in multiple ways, it is said that so came to be the Universe which we see today with the naked eye.
But as beautiful as everything was, it missed something. They all missed the Spark.
That’s when Creation knew she had to make one big sacrifice: in order for her creation to dance, she must give away her Spark.
And that is how, it was not long until He, the Spirited came to form.
He would be their motion, and all that was shall dance to His rhythm.  As he formed, all Creation started to dance in the Cosmic Dance of Creation and the Sun itself.
And when Creation and the Sun met and danced… they gave birth to Life!
That’s their story.
That is how today we can see all the flowers of the fields turning after the sun, opening in the morning when He shines, and closing in the night when he leaves. That’s why the birds of the sky dedicate their voice to Him, and people rejoice for another day.
Because She was Creation – the endless energy. And He was the motion that made all creation dance.
And when the Union between them happened, life was born. And so was emotion. Because that’s what happens when you put the energy in motion – they give birth to feelings. They give birth to Life itself!

The NaruSaku drabble turned into a story

As you know from my Twitter account, I am currently working on two stories. Well, upon consideration, I decided I’ll turn this small NaruSaku drabble into a full fledged story. As a timeline, all I can tell you is that it follows the steps of Arashi, the youngest of the NaruSaku kids, in adulthood.

And this small legend will be part of the story. But how will this play into it and what does it have to do with Arashi? Well, I’m going to let this out at the right time.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!

Yours truly,


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