London Comic Con 2018 – a time to remember


London Comic Con 2018 was one of the nicest experiences I’ve lived. And Facebook felt the need to remind me of that. Don’t get me wrong, not that I have something against it. It’s just that nostalgia hit a bit, I think. Especially given the times we live in.

But anyway, let’s not get carried aside by this and remember the good ol’ times. So if you’re up, let’s go down another memory lane with me, if ya will?

London Comic Con 2018 – the why

Two years after my first visit to London, at a Comic Con event, I get the chance to go there once again. For me, 2018 I think was the years of Cons, lol. As I had been at the East European Comic Con edition in the same year, and had a blast.

Granted, it was a year full of experiences. I had just closed a big chapter in my life in terms of personal matters. And so, I wanted to explore and experience everything I could. And where to do that better for a geek like me, if not at a Con?

After the success that is East European Comic Con 2018, I tell myself… I HAVE to do this again! I have to visit London again and live the experience even better! So I decide to return to Excel and get the best experience I can get, at that year’s Comic Con.

That’s why I went to it again. I have been back in 2016, but back then I felt like I couldn’t live fully the whole experience.

Maybe it was because it was something so new all of a sudden. So big, that its size just overwhelmed me. And many other reasons I won’t start to lay around here.

So then I told myself I have to get back and live the experience once again. And this time, to enjoy it fully!

My cosplay for London Comic Con 2018

I kept wondering who should I go as? Given that I was Black Canary at East European Comic Con, who should I go as at London’s Comic Con?

Well, Captain Marvel was supposed to be launched in 2019, and there was all this fuss around her. And as you may know from a previous post of mine, X-Men The Animated series is one of my favorite cartoons series.

Rogue has always been a favorite of mine. And I know from there that she gets her awesome superpowers from Miss Marvel.

Plus, there was this joke/meme around the internet with “I’m Miss Marvel. I marvel at everything. Where I left my keys, where I parked my car”. Or something around the lines. Being the ditz that I always am, I said this is the perfect opportunity to cosplay this character.

Plus, more than that, I was marveling at how beautiful life can still be, after a darker time of my life. A time that proved me how strong I can be.

So corroborating all these together, I decided to cosplay none other than Miss Marvel. The Warbird costume version.

How I spent my time there?

One of the reasons this was one of the best Comic cons was because of the friends I met. Like two years before, I met with John who you guys might know as BlueStarSaber.

Other than that, I met my dear friend CasualMisfit. Together with his lovely girlfriend.

But most of all, I was happy because I was able to meet again a really special person from my teenage hood. That was the cherry on top. We have both the same hometown. But funnily enough, we met in London, haha.

He was my partner in crime in that weekend and I gotta tell you, we had SUCH A BLAST! He was basically the one who rode around me here and there.

Other than that, I took some pictures around the con.


There was this cool motorcycle, thanks to the movie premiere of Avengers, so of course I HAD to have a picture on that.

I like motorcycles quite a lot. Too bad I’m kinda scared of them, lol. But while they’re still like that, me and them can be friends, haha.


I mean, I couldn’t miss the chance to get on Captain America’s motor ride, right? 😀

Other than that, I wanted to see if I was worthy enough of Mjolnir.


I won’t spoil you the answer to that one. I’ll let it be a mistery, hahah.

But it was a rather intriguing experience. Only gods know the secret between me and this mystic hammer, hahah.

Oh, was about to forget to tell you about the nice surprise I had there. You see, among that sea of people, I managed to meet a Black Canary cosplayer.


Given that back in the East European version of the con I cosplayed the character, when I saw this lovely young lady I went straight to her to take a picture.

Other than that, we just roamed around, bought a stuff or two, and generally enjoyed the experience.

I was so close to get to see Chris Claremont (one of my favorite Storm writers), but sadly the ticket to go and have a chat with him was too pricey for a poor Eastern European girl, lol.

I had to just be okay with seeing him from a far and that was it.


Overall, the experience was one of the best I had ever lived. I even have some recordings around that time. I was so excited and such a child that you can’t imagine. Sadly I recorded them with a weird camera and I am not exactly sure how to edit them so I can show them.

But ah, who knows, maybe one of these days I’ll manage.

OH! I forgot to tell you one major thing. I had my picture taken by an awesome photographer! You can find him on Instagram under the handle Oveck4


This one will forever be cherished by me. I think I’m gonna be that cool grandma that tells her grandkids stories about how she used to go to conventions, lol.

And I’ll have pictures to prove it, haha.

But no, really, this is one helluva picture and I am so grateful I can have this in my memory stash.

It will remind me for years to come, the awesome time I had at London Comic Con 2018. The adventures I lived in my life, as hard as it might seem sometimes.

These are precious memories to me.

Anyway, I’m done for now.

Thanks for reading.

Yours truly,


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