I introduce to you: Fragments of Creation!


Hey everyone, I’m delighted to announce another series of posts I am going to be having called Fragments of Creation. It’s actually going to be a category on its own under Matters of Creation. Well, this will function more as a place for me to post my own creative stuff. Be it we’re talking about some poetry, drabbles or (hopefully) full blown stories.

I have been thinking a lot about if I should be doing this or not. Will it work, will it not? Will I fail, will I not? Questions, questions. But as an aspiring author, who one day hopes to get to publish her own story, I thought that this is going to be an interesting exercise.

A way for me to get out of my comfort zone and experiment with stuff. I already have some fragments of creation here and there written. Now it’s all up to me to get out there and expose them.

When did Fragments of Creation idea began?

Well, as some of you might know, with certain occasions such as NaruSaku day on Tumblr or when we launched the NaruSaku zine. But I never really went full on with it. Why? Because well, I’ve always had fragments of something. Tid bits of ideas. Like nothing finished.

And then something clicked! Instead of blocking myself in the fact that I don’t have yet a full laid out story, and I write just small fragments/tidbits/drabbles or poems, why don’t I bring it all under the same umbrella? And that’s how Fragments of Creation idea was born.

Getting out of the shell

Gotta admit, I am a pretty headstrong person generally. However, I do have my soft and sensitive side. This isn’t an easy thing to do for me, as most of my life I’ve been hiding this part of me. I don’t know exactly why, I just did inherently. Maybe somewhere inside of me, like in any other person there was a fear of being vulnerable.

But if life showed me something is that vulnerable doesn’t mean weak. It means you are vulnerable, you might get hurt, but this same vulnerability is what teaches and builds your character. So that’s why nowadays I am not afraid of being vulnerable.

And as a symbol of that belief of mine, I decided to put myself out there with all I’ve got.

Thus, voilà! Here I am, opening up a side of mine, being vulnerable, out here, in the open.

Well with that being said, for now I bid you farewell, and I am going to prepare now the future posts for this series.

Thank you for reading!

Yours truly,


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