Kaika Saisei Chapter 1 : Every end is a new beginning

Kaika Saisei Chapter 1 Every end is a new beginning depicting Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno facing each other

Kaika Saisei Chapter 1 is finally here! As you guys already know from my previous post sometime ago, I decided to write my own Naruto AU story, Kaika Saisei.

I have always been a Sakura Haruno fan. And I will probably always be. Yes, she isn’t the most perfect character out there, but who needs perfection?

Not to mention the fact that perfection is a social construct, a thing we as human beings strive for, although we know that’s not real.

Like I said, I considered that Masashi Kishimoto didn’t explore some really important aspects of his story. In the way that I think he should have.

One of those aspects is Sakura Haruno’s characters and abilities.

Second, like I’ve said, I was deeply unsatisfied with how he decided to end up things romantically for her. And for Naruto, also. From a development, thematic and symbolical way, these two should have been together.

Anyone with no bias could see this. Of course, you’ll say that I am being the biased one here. But my bias was stems from the way I saw him developing the story.

Like I always said, when I first watched the anime only, I was a NaruHina and SasuSaku.

But then, as I continued with the manga, I saw a totally different story. And this is why I still hold my opinion that NaruSaku should’ve been canon.

As we all know, by the end of the manga he decided to throw away all that development.

With this story I am trying to go down a route I think he should’ve went.

Leaving Sakura be the heroine she was, fulfilling her romantic dreams and getting a warm love and last, but not least, getting the power-ups she always deserved as main cast.

With this being said, I invite you to read Kaika Saisei, and undergo a journey of wonder and creation with me, with each published chapter.

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17 Replies to “Kaika Saisei Chapter 1 : Every end is a new beginning”

  1. Estefanía says: December 11, 2020 at 20:00

    The story started out really well and I liked that Sakura and Naruto had that conversation. At least that I would have liked to see in the manga.
    I hope soon Naruto and Sakura clarify their feelings. I’m glad Yamato is okay.
    I look forward to the second chapter soon.

    P.D: I really want to punch Sasuke in his face lol I can’t stand him getting away with all his crimes. Sakura deserved a better man than Sasuke in the canon, he tried to kill her ugh

    1. Chatte Georgiana says: December 12, 2020 at 09:21

      Hey dear! Thank you so much for your feedback! Glad you enjoyed how I decided to start this.
      One of the most important aspects for me within the story is the relationship between the hero and the heroine, of course. Naruto and Sakura went through very complex situations together, so I thought that as any healthy relationship (be it of any type), a communication on the subject is due.

      Because communication and understanding are the two basic aspects of a healthy relationship. A talk between the two was due. But not just a very shallow one like we had in The Last, but a proper one where things are truly addressed.
      So that is why in the end I decided to start with this very aspect, although the story will be generally focused on Sakura.

      And, of course Yamato is okay. He is a pretty important pillar in part 2, after all. I couldn’t leave him out of this.

      As for Sasuke, well, I have a whole road prepared for him, too. You see, with him is a gray area. In some respects he was right to act the way he did (like the Itachi and Danzo situation), but after that all he does is indeed commit crimes. And I also consider this to be very problematic in terms of canon storytelling. Canon pardons him a little bit too much.

      We have Scar in FMA who was also some sort of Sasuke, but we never see the story pardoning him just like that. No, it upholds his bad deeds to the right standards, not forgiving him, although like Sasuke, Scar also had his clan wiped.

      In terms of his character though, like I said, I have a certain road prepared for him. One that I believe suits him and his story even better. One that holds justice for all parties involved. At least in my vision.

      Anyway, thank you once again for your review my dear! Really glad you enjoyed.

      All the best to you!

  2. kkeke99 says: December 12, 2020 at 01:16

    Woah… this star made me feel so many bittersweet emotions… when Sakura was telling him all those things about Hinata while having pain in her eyes I felt so much like crying… as if Naruto cares about those “big things”, please we all know that he doesn’t give a damn about those, Naruto (the one I’ve once liked) doesn’t recognizes only big acts, he recognizes the small ones too and those small things Sakura did for are what he loves her the most for. He doesn’t expect nothing from Sakura, just for her to be happy and rely on him from time to time. Gaaaaahhhhhhh I feel so emotional now… ugh… also, I’m happy to see Yamato doing well :”)
    I loved this first chapter so much ❤

    1. Chatte Georgiana says: December 12, 2020 at 09:17

      Hey hun! First of all, thank you so much for your feedback!🙏
      Well, that was the point of this, to make you feel all the feels, ahahah! So then, objective complete on my part. 😁
      As for Sakura feeling like that, well, I took it upon myself to explore a certain characteristic of her feelings for Naruto from early part 1. The ones we all very much remember, that Kishimoto decided to never address them. So I said to myself, well then, why not explore those feelings? 😁
      Without spoiling too much, all I can say is that this will play a role in the whole development of the story. 😀
      As for Yamato, yes, he is okay. I couldn’t just take him out of the story. He deserved better after all that he’s been through, after all.
      Really glad you enjoy the chapter though!
      Thank you once again for your feedback and stay tooned for chapter 2. 😁

  3. Maxtime says: December 12, 2020 at 03:18

    Well, this is a good start through im more on the part of just re-write the whole war. Because my god that thing has a ton of problems easily the most problematic Naruto, the 5 Kage summit, i can still work with who the events and certain interactions happen, heck you easily address it here. But some of the topics, characters, themes, overuse(And misuse too in my opinion) of retcons(Seriously the beginning of Naruto when he comes back with the village packs some strong retcons but they don’t feel out of place, or undo stuff that happen on the story), etc.
    But the war from the complete 180° that characters are constantly doing, mischaracterization. My god easily the worse moment, Neji’s death, and not because Neji died, but because of how it was used, that death could easily could have been a moment where Naruto after watching what war truly is around him, remembers Nagato’s last words on the Pain arc, and raises up calling Madara and Obito cowards for trying to run away from what reality is and how things truly are.

    But anyway, i got out of topic, i shouldn’t be complaining about the original material, i should be talking about your work!!!
    I love how you handle the characters, there is no force drama, there is not out of character interactions, there is no knowledge just easily dropped to make an scene make sense, it all flows like it naturally should between Naruto and Sakura. Now some people could complain about the lack of plot. But lets be honest if your characters don’t reach the reader and make it care, the plot won’t matter. And the way you re-introduce Naruto and Sakura felt right at home, and the perfect set up, so in the following chapters you can begin to set up the plot quickly or slowly according to how you want to handle it. Well probably after you focus on also re-introducing the rest of the important cast for this story.

    Good luck with this story and the other stuff you are doing! 😉

    1. Chatte Georgiana says: December 12, 2020 at 09:55

      Heya! Welcome to my blog and to Kaika Saisei!😄
      I know what you mean and that is the sentiment many of us had.
      But the idea for me when I started planning this story few months ago, it was like “How can I fix a story that seems beyond fixable?”, know what I mean? Can I truly do it? So then I decided to take it on. See if it’d be possible.
      It’s like a personal challenge I wanted to undergo given that like I said, I dream of becoming a published author myself one day.
      And oh, I totally understand you on the Neji part! That is why one of the plots that forms the foundation of Kaika AU (mostly Saisei, anyway) is the revival of Neji Hyuga.
      I CANNOT for the love of God accept that Kishimoto killed one of his coolest characters. Neji had so much potential! And not that, since he was overly underused but, the fact that Neji symbolized a bird flying free and have him killed like that, like a bird in a cage, it was outrageous for me as well.
      So for me, when I started this story I had these aspects in mind as basis: Sakura central focus, develop her and write about those what ifs powers I think she could’ve had, NaruSaku/SasuKarin because of the mirroring/symbolism & revive Neji Hyuga and expand a bit on the Hyuga universe. That was it. From there on, the story just built itself because all I had to do is answer to some plot holes.
      So basically that’s how Kaika Saisei was born. And that’s how it developed past Kaika Saisei. I ended up making Kaika a larger AU because I realized I can spread this story in 3 parts. And I will. But first, I’ll deal with these things, while Part 2 & 3 are designed to answer one of the most dropped, forgotten and buried plot like it never existed: the shinobi system.
      Because I haven’t forgotten about it. And how supposedly it all started because of this system. And how pissed I was at how Kishi just dropped this and in Boruto it’s all like it never happened.
      But anyway, back on topic for me, too. 😁 Though, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good talk about the original material as well. After all, it is where I drew my inspiration from!

      Now, in terms of my story, I’m really glad that this is the feeling it sends. That’s what I’m mainly aiming for. To make this all seem natural. Because I don’t like to force things, but to make them flow. And this is a challenge for me, truth be told, because I used to write short drabbles, rather than long thought-out stories.

      This is literally the first story I ever write. I tried writing another fanfic years ago, but God I was so awful, lol. Everything was just out of place, rushed, interactions were weird, so I just dropped it. But now, after years later of studying and reading a bit more, researching a bit how you do it, I said okay, I feel prepared. Let’s give this thing a try.

      Basically this fanfiction is one big playground for me for when I’ll try to go to more serious business – as in get to publish my own OG stories. I have two in plotting level, but since I’m more focused on Kaika, that’s going tad bit different. But until then, I have this exercise to be able to try out, make errors, correct them and learn as much as I can about real storytelling.

      That’s why your feedback and reception is very important to me! It keeps me in check if I do my job okay or not. And how better to do it than with some characters we’ve all been familiar with? Because for me what matters most is the essence of a character, plot, theme. And that’s what I try to grasp as best as possible in my writings as well. And the fact that you guys tell me that if flows naturally, trust me, it truly means a lot to me!

      As for the plot, well, the plot will slowly build itself chapter by chapter. I’m not the type of giving it all from the very get go. I’m the type that builds it brick by brick. I used to be that type of “want it all now!” person when I was younger myself. But as I aged, I learned an important lesson: patience is one of the noblest virtues to have, because in the end, the universe will reward you for it in more ways than one.

      You truly grasped the essence of what I was trying to do here as well: start from somewhere familiar. A familiar setting for the cast and the readers as well. That’s from where it will all be starting.

      I know that for some it might be a small chapter, but like I said, first of all I used to be a drabble writer, and second, for me this scene was very important. It was the essence of this story in terms of both characters, and to have it placed into a larger setting that dealth with many other things at once, it felt like I would be cutting away the focus that should have been all on this very scene. Because for me, this is the point of origin of the story. After that, there will be other stuff happening as well.

      I have the three act structure for this story set. It’s a matter of putting everything in chapters and decide upon details within those chapters. Because I have SO many ideas. But I’ve realized that some aren’t going to make it to the main story. And that’s okay.

      Anyway, I’ve rambled enough.

      Thank you very much for your input and feedback! 🙏

      Truly appreciate it.

      All the best to you and take care!

  4. Sakuranotes says: December 12, 2020 at 10:02

    I have been waiting for this for a long time now. And it doesn’t disappoint. A very strong start.
    BTW what’s the update schedule?
    Can’t wait for the next chapter.

    1. Chatte Georgiana says: December 12, 2020 at 10:19

      Hi dear! Thank you so much for your patience! Glad you enjoyed the read!
      As for the update schedule, I have nothing set in mind, truth be told.
      The objective is once a month, as I am an adult and I have to do adulting stuff besides this, lol.
      But this also depends on commissioning as I have decided that this is the format I want to use. Like a story book. Text along with images.
      Each chapter will have a “poster” image whose aim is to depict the most important scene of the chapter. The essence, if you want to call it like that.
      And this very much depends on many other things: how free the person I commission to do this is, what are the costs for the image and my ability to pay the commission.
      As an example this one cost me almost 100$ which I paid in 3 rounds given that truth be told, for a Romanian salary that amount is very large to pay from one transaction only.
      Luckily, I am a regular with Pumiih and she’s very understanding on this matter so she always allows me to pay in installments, depending on how expensive the art that I want gets to be.
      So as you can see, the goal very much is once a month, but it’s dependable on a lot of outside factors.
      However, I’ll do my best to have it published once a month! 😊
      Thank you for your patience, interest and understanding. 🙏

  5. Jcell says: December 12, 2020 at 11:44

    Chatte!! It doesn’t disappoint. Things really felt natural and all along this is what I was waiting for in canon but unfortunately didn’t happen. Read also all the comments and I’m very pleased to know that you will tackle the damn plotholes like yes thank you very much 💯

    I appreciate so much about how you’re doing this and taking your time like this consoles me from the wreck that happened in canon. I’m excited and will wait for the future chapters! Congrats on launching kaika saisei ~☆

    1. Chatte Georgiana says: December 12, 2020 at 13:45

      Hey dear, welcome to my blog and Kaika Saisei! 🤗
      Well, I am here to right the wrongs that canon did, lol! Or at least that’s what I’m trying to the best of my abilities given how I saw Kishimoto was trying to portray his story and the dynamics he wrote.

      And yes, that’s what I’m trying to do with this story. Try to respond to some of the plot holes I s Kishi just left open in the canonverse.
      Hopefully I’m reminding them all. Some might escape me though, given that it’s a large story after all, heheh.

      Well, that’s what I’m trying to do,after all. I found a way to give back to this beautiful fandom for the beautiful moments I’ve lived with you guys in the past.
      Sure, things didn’t go that well in canon, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t live some beautiful moments together with one another? So yeah, the fandom gave me a lot (this blog lives because of it, and it was one of the reasons I was able to manage to recover it even after being deleted), so now, what I’m trying to do is give back to it.

      I took my time off out of everything for about 5 years. Went through my own things, trials and tribulations in my real life. But now that all is well and things have finally settled, it’s time to give back. 😊

      Thank you very much for your support and glad you enjoyed it! ❤️

  6. Shadab says: January 3, 2021 at 09:34

    When can we expext next chapters

    1. Chatte Georgiana says: January 3, 2021 at 17:48

      Hi Shadab! Thank you for your interest in Kaika Saisei! ^_^
      Like I said on a previous answer, the goal is once a month, given all the efforts I have to put into this.
      For example, I have set that every chapter should have a poster image. Well, in order to do so I will have to commission an artist, thus pay a sum of money.
      A cover art poster can vary in amount I have to pay, so sometimes I have to pay in installments, thus that might take a while, because personal finance reasons.
      That’s why this can take a while.
      But as I said, I’m trying my best to have it posted once a month. ^_^

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    […] month has passed since the publication of its first chapter and I want to say I was positively overwhelmed by the good receptions you guys have shown to this […]

  8. Mayar says: February 10, 2021 at 05:00

    I’m gonna be honest here, I am not a NaruSaku fan, I’ve read a couple of fanfics here and there, but it’s not really my thing.

    But y’know what’s my thing? SAKURA GETTING GOOD DEVELOPMENT!! Her getting a wake up call that her and Sasuke are NOT meant to be is just *chefs kiss👌👌*

    I’d pick NaruSaku over SasuSaku ANY DAY.

    Also, I’m really excited to read more about the backstories you have, especially Kaguya, her family (and wow it’s REALLY huge if you think about it) and the Haruno‘s since It’s really rare to find fanfics that focus/give insight on them and I’m really thankful you’re writing this!!

    1. Chatte Georgiana says: February 21, 2021 at 19:23

      Hi Mayar!

      Thank you so much for your feedback on the story, I truly appreciate it.

      I also appreciate the fact that you’re not a NaruSaku fan. I mean, at the end of the day everyone is free to like whatever they want.

      My problem generally with this thing is when people act like a ship is the ultimate expression of love when it’s shown in a negative light.

      I mean dude, you can still enjoy the ship, no one has any problem with you doing that, but admit the fact that it’s really problematic, that’s all.

      Anyway, to cut short on my ranting here, I intend to go deep in a lot of aspects of this story, yeah. Harunos being one of them, along with Kaguya. 🙂

      To somehow try to make sense of everything that we had up until now.

      So yeah, hopefully I’ll manage, hehe. 😀

      With that being said, I thank you greatly once again for your feedback.

      Have a great time wherever you are! 🙂

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