Kaika Saisei Chapter 1 : Every end is a new beginning


Kaika Saisei Chapter 1 is finally here! As you guys already know from my previous post sometime ago, I decided to write my own Naruto AU story, Kaika Saisei.

I have always been a Sakura Haruno fan. And I will probably always be. Yes, she isn’t the most perfect character out there, but who needs perfection?

Not to mention the fact that perfection is a social construct, a thing we as human beings strive for, although we know that’s not real.

Like I said, I considered that Masashi Kishimoto didn’t explore some really important aspects of his story. In the way that I think he should have.

One of those aspects is Sakura Haruno’s characters and abilities.

Second, like I’ve said, I was deeply unsatisfied with how he decided to end up things romantically for her. And for Naruto, also. From a development, thematic and symbolical way, these two should have been together.

Anyone with no bias could see this. Of course, you’ll say that I am being the biased one here. But my bias was stems from the way I saw him developing the story.

Like I always said, when I first watched the anime only, I was a NaruHina and SasuSaku.

But then, as I continued with the manga, I saw a totally different story. And this is why I still hold my opinion that NaruSaku should’ve been canon.

As we all know, by the end of the manga he decided to throw away all that development.

With this story I am trying to go down a route I think he should’ve went.

Leaving Sakura be the heroine she was, fulfilling her romantic dreams and getting a warm love and last, but not least, getting the power-ups she always deserved as main cast.

With this being said, I invite you to read Kaika Saisei, and undergo a journey of wonder and creation with me, with each published chapter.

For now, please indulge in Kaika Saisei Chapter 1 : Every end is a new beginning. Enjoy!

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