East European Comic Con 2018 – trip down memory lane


East European Comic Con 2018 was one of the nicest moments of my life up until now. Remember I was telling you about how it helped me go through a dark period of my life, in one of my previous posts.
So, since it’s about time this Con took place, I decided to take a trip down memory lane.

But why back to it? Well, because it was the very first time I had been to a Con in Romania.

You see, up until then I was a bit in the unknown about things like these. In the sense that, Romania also has events like these. There are also a lot of people in my country who attend these events. So when I found out, I was absolutely thrilled.

You might wonder: how didn’t you know about one in Romania, though you’ve been to London Comic Con?

Well, I kind of put the blame – so to speak, on the fact that I came from a very small town. Where almost nothing ever happened. And before making my move on the whole world, I didn’t knew how much there was to see to this new world.

And, of course, since I first left my small town and moved directly to the UK for a while, that’s where the magic happened. That’s where I actually started watching Naruto for the very first time.

If memory serves me well, that was around 2012.

So you see, before actually coming back to Romania, and getting to live in a bigger town that broadens your … that’s all I knew. But when I got to move to Cluj, basically that’s where my whole transformation experience began.

Pre-experience: the path to the Con

So, how did I get to manage there? Well, I was quite savage, in the sense that besides an acquaintance, I had no one there. I did not know anyone.

I remember my old flatmate, Laura, asking me if I’m crazy and not scared to go there, all alone? And I said no. I’m not. I had the tickets, I (somewhat) had the costume – that’s a tale on itself, and my reservation to a rideshare.

Didn’t want to do it the old fashioned way and that is traveling by train, because in Romania, oh boy… I would’ve gotten there after the Con finished! Okay I might be exaggerating a bit. The thing is we have very bad travelling conditions by train. So I didn’t want to put myself in a bad mood.

I wanted this to feel like an adventure. And boy it was! A full blown adventure.

I packed my luggage and tried to sleep for the night. I barely managed.

Next day at 6:30 am I was on my ride shade car to Bucharest. Sun was shinning so beautifully.

Moments before the full experience

So, how was the experience? How did it feel to attend such an event after you found out there’s also one held in your country?

I tell you: exquisite! I got to meet so many people, so many actors, have photos with a lot of cosplayers.

Before actually attending the con, I met with my acquaintance at the hostel where she was staying. I had to take her the bat for her Harley Quinn costume. She traveled by airplane few days earlier, and she wasn’t allowed to take the bat with her. It’s considered something of a dangerous weapon. And oh well, by no surprise. We’ve seen what Harley can do with it, right?

Anyway, I got there to her, I gave her the bat and I stayed a little while longer. I was supposed to go to another acquaintance to let my luggage at and sleep over. Booy did those plans changed? Oh yes they did!

But this only brought me closer to meeting a lot more new people. And it was so much fun.

Finally, we got to put our costumes on, took a taxi and went to the con.

Finally there: entering the gates of East European Comic Con 2018

I remember it as if it were yesterday. The taxi stops at the gates. We get off and head to the main entrance. I was seeing it with my own eyes, living it. Oh my, I couldn’t believe it. I was finally there!


So much excitement blended with a bit of anxiety and marvel. Yes, I had been to the London Comic Con back in 2016. But that one was a big event and you tend to blend in pretty quick, rarely having people gazing at you. Plus, the cultural differences and language barrier that gets to get in the way makes your anxiety easier to handled.

But here? Here I was among the people of my country. Everyone could understand what I was saying. Everyone could read me very well if anything.

It felt strange, for a moment, you know. I looked all around, gazing myself at the amount of people there, the diversity of costume, the buzz of the place. Everything!

At some point I thought if I should really be wearing that costume or not. You see, yes, I am outspoken. I tell what’s in my mind with no fear. But this was different. This was me being on display for everyone to see. In a costume that I give you, was rather revealing. As some would say.

I didn’t have a problem with wearing it. Nor with my body. I was pretty okay with me. It’s just… the gazes! Feeling everyone’s energy coming towards you.

But that was a rather interesting experience, nevertheless. The first one, point blank.

But then, as we moved along, I started to relax a bit more. I started to feel in my element.

Who I was costumed as and why at East European Comic Con 2018

Saw so many people in so many costumes, and it made me wonder: what’s the reason behind their choice of costume?

I knew mine. It was rather simple: I desperately wanted to go to East European Comic Con 2018. Being late to pick a costume, I had to choose a simple one. And I also had to identify somehow to the character.

So it was rather a clear choice: Black Canary. Simple costume, both of us were blonde. She had the superpower of “yelling”, I used to yell a lot when I was a child. Still do sometimes. Especially when I get past the breaking point.

Also, at that time I was going to canto lessons. She was a “singing bird”. So as I. Thus, it seemed fitting.


I also portrayed Claire Novak from Supernatural. Okay, have to admit. I am not that much into Supernatural. After season 5 for me it went kind of downhill. I tried watching further, but I dropped it. I couldn’t. That was around 6th season towards the 7th, I think? Somewhere around there.

But, my acquaintance and her group needed someone to portray Claire, so I said sure, why not? I don’t know if I would’ve had something in common with her but. Alas. Anyway. It was fun.

Who I met at East European Comic Con 2018?

Oooh, and thiiis is where the juicy part comes in! I got to meet and take pictures with some really nice people. Actors and artists. I won’t chit chat too much about it. I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

So, I was lucky enough to meet the one and only Daniel Gillies.


I guess you can see from my eyes the excitement I was feeling. He is such a wonderful person. I feel so lucky to have been able to meet him.

I also had an autograph from him, but I gave that away as a gift to my then flatmate, Laura. She and her brother are I think even bigger fans than I am. They knew him from The Originals, I, more from The Vampire Diaries.
And since they couldn’t come to the con, this would be a nice way to have something connecting them to him.

Laura, Bogdan if you’re reading this… I hope the picture with the autograph is safe and sound. 😀


Game of Thrones was still a big thing back then, so of course I had to ‘devour’ everything related to it. And thus, as you can see, I couldn’t miss the chance to get a picture with Gethin Anthony.

You, sir, should’ve brought Brienne of Tarth alongside, for better guard, I suggest. But alas. It was fine as this also.


And last, but definitely not least – the man, the miracle, the good vibes himself: Staz Nair! I have to admit, I didn’t expect to like him so much, I swear.

But he’s such a wonderful human being, filled with so much positivity and good energy. He has such a nice vibe which he gives freely to the others around himself with his mere presence. I tell you, this man it’s a total joy!

Always with a large smile on his face and ready to make you laugh at any given time. I didn’t expect him to be such a turnaround to what his character was. Complete opposite.

I tell you, to me he was the presence there. The shining star of the event. And I’m not the only one saying it.

Besides them, I also got to meet Yehuda & Maya Devir, as I told you in a previous post of mine.

The story with them is funny. I didn’t get to meet them inside, because it was crazy all around. Too much to take in, too many to see. Somewhere at the end of day 1 I see a couple walking towards the exit. I think to myself… could they be? I shout (hello Canary Cry!) as I run towards them.  They turn back and see me running. I got to them, asked if we can take a picture. They said certainly, Yehuda took the pic, and there I was. Having a memory with my favorite pair out there.


Epilogue: Overall experience

So, how would I describe the overall experience: as a total success! I’m glad I took this step forward, put myself in rather adventurous positions that made me get out of my comfort zone.

Because we each have one. No matter how outspoken we are. And if you want to get more from life, you definitely gotta step out of your comfort zone. And go. See the world. Experience it. Learn. Grow. Enjoy it.

That’s what East European Comic Con 2018 was like for me.

It made me discover me and many others in multiple layers. Because we don’t have just one, but many. And with each layer shines a different color. One that paints the picture of who we really are.

So yeah, overall this is it. If you want to go see more pictures, you can do it on my Facebook album here. That’s it if you haven’t already.

With this being said, I once more thank you for reading!

Yours truly,


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