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Shinachiku’s birthday is today so I want to talk about sunshine boy and Shinachiku Kosen. So first of all, happy birthday Shinachiku Uzumaki! Second of all, let me tell you a bit about a project me and other NaruSaku fans are cooking.

Because yes, despite our preferred pairing not being canon, that didn’t stop us from still cherishing them. We took all that pain and misery and transmuted it into something more. This is how Shinachiku Uzumaki was born.

Who is Shinachiku Uzumaki

For those of you who don’t know, Shinachiku Uzumaki is the fanon son of Naruto Uzumaki & Sakura Haruno. For the ones who already know this it might sound like old news. But trust me when I say, we still have people who don’t know who Shinachiku Uzumaki is.

They think and spread all kinds of wrong information about this character, so just wanted to make that clear.

Of course, other NaruSaku fanon kids exist within the fanon world, however, Shinachiku is the most widely used by the fandom. Along with his siblings Hanami and Arashi.

Shinachiku (along with his siblings) was born as a result of what happened to NaruSaku in the Naruto manga. Despite its heavy development, due to reasons only known by Kishimoto and his team, NaruSaku didn’t become canon.

So the fandom took it upon itself to build it further from there.

It was decided that his birthday would be November 7.


Initially, there were debates if we should give him the date of April 3rd, the date when Naruto fell in love with Sakura, as shown by the Jump calendar.

But, everybody commonly agreed that the date should be given to Hanami, while November 7 to Shina.

Like I like to call him – he’s the Phoenix of this fandom. He was born out of the ashes Kishimoto left this fandom in.

Shinachiku Kosen

Now, some of you might have heard about Shinachiku Kosen. Of course, there are a lot of Naruto/NaruSaku alternate universe versions out there. Including my Kaika one.

However, Shinachiku Kosen is a joint project of the NaruSaku fandom. The story aims to explore some of the plots that were ignored by canon or downright dropped.


One of the themes we aim to explore with Shinachiku Kosen is the change of the shinobi system that brought so much suffering in the Naruto world.

But how is that objective being dealt with? How does the new generation play its role into this change? Is the change a viable one? Does it withstand the test of time?

And how does Shinachiku play into all of this?

These are just some of the topics we aim to treat in the Shinachiku Kosen story.

You can always read more about it here.

Shinachiku Kosen: from the fandom for the fandom. Use your voice!

When Shinachiku Kosen started, it was started in the idea that is a gift from the fandom for the fandom. Of course, most decisions are taken inside the team.

However, we often collaborate with the fandom as well, to decide on certain aspects. Usually when we can’t democratically get to a consensus, lol. Be it we’re in a tie, or everyone else sees the subject we’re discussing in a totally different light.

So that’s when we take it back to the fandom. Since, after all, this is a project for them.

Until now we asked the fandom to help us pick the version of the logo they liked most.

As well, we were undecided about the voice cast for his sister, Hanami, so we asked people to help us out.

All this was decided through various polls we shared with people.

We still some of them up and running, so if you want, you can go cast your vote now here.

Also, if you’re curious about the voices for Shinachiku & Arashi, let me show you the goodies.

This is Shina’s one.

And this is Arashi’s one.

So yeah, hope you now get a little bit better the full picture about Shinachiku Uzumaki and, especially about Shinachiku Kosen.

I know NaruSaku fans have been looking for content for their ship for a long time now. But just you wait patiently.

A lot of goodies are coming for ya!

Till next time, thanks once again for reading.

Yours truly,


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