A blast from the past weekend: London Comic Con 2016


For a long time now, gatherings such as London Comic Con 2016 were, for me, things you only see on television.

Not something you could actually partake in. That is until this year when I had the chance to actually be part of it myself!

Given that my boyfriend got a job that makes it so he has to travel to England from time to time, and given the fact that the timing was perfect in terms of when he had to travel there and when the Con took place, of course I had to be there as well.


It was a close call though about me going or not. You know, given my health problems. But I happily managed to go, after all.

The London Comic Con 2016 experience

How was it, this whole new experience? Well, definitely interesting from all sides. If one thing I can say for sure is that it was overwhelming.

The sheer number of people participating at the Con was impressive! Those numbers, dear God! And everyone was costumed.

Everywhere you would look you would see people of all ages being costumed in all kind of characters.

At first, when I just arrived there and looked around not knowing exactly where to go or what to do , I even took a picture with some cool guys that hanged around me for a minute. Everyone was so friendly!


The cosplay

As for me, yeah, as you noticed by now I was costumed as none other than Catwoman.

Why? Well, from various reasons, that is. First of all is because I thought it to be befitting since well Chatte means cat, so duuh!

But then, truth be told, given the short notice of the whole thing, well I didn’t have time to prepare a costume so then I quickly grabbed one from Ebay UK and ta-daa, here I am.


Other than that, I am happy to have been able to meet one of my online friends from the NaruSaku fandom!

Given the short notice, as I was saying, I didn’t expect I’d meet anyone, but he managed to make it and that made me so so happy! I can only hope to meet the others as well. I should’ve met others as well but due to my condition I cancelled the plans as I thought I’d never make it to the Con but then this opportunity rose itself so then, there I was.

Anyway, hope to meet the others soon as well.


John, once again, thrilled to have met you in real life and sorry if I was such a ditz and with my head all over the place.

It was just, as I told you, this whole new thing was so new to me that I could barely make it with that “speed of people”, haha.

Thank you for meeting with me, once again!

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