NaruSaku Zine – the story


Aah, the NaruSaku Zine… one of the things most dear to my heart.

As I was telling you in my previous posts, when my website was gone, I had to occupy my time with different other activities/projects while my website was down. One of those projects was the NaruSaku Zine.
A project dedicated to the pairing I mostly loved. How could I say no to such a project?

What is the NaruSaku Zine & how it all started

What is that the NaruSaku Zine you ask yourself? Well, for those of you who don’t know, in this world of fandoms, there’s this concept of fanzines.
It’s basically like a small magazine designed by simple people, like me and you. People who mostly activated in a certain fandom.

It all started back in 2018. The idea was Kirabook’s. I am sure most of the people who activated in the NaruSaku fandom know who I am talking about.
When she first came into my Tumblr inbox and asked me if I would like to join, I couldn’t be happier to say yes. After everything else bad and dark that was happening in my life, a thing dear to my heart felt like the light I needed to get through.


Art by Pumiih

And so, I said yes, and we designed our first zine. Out of our own time, passion, creativity and money.

Given it was the first number, and given that we did this after our fandom was considered dead, I’d say we did pretty well. We managed to sell our zines and make some people really happy.

Did we make any profits? Nah. We only managed to cover our production costs. But this was never about making profit. And that’s why I loved this project.

It was never about making money. But more so, about bringing a smile on the faces of a broken down fandom, as some would say.

We called issue #1 Heaven & Earth, of course. And so we rose again.


And this was so well received, that now, in 2019 we decided to do it again.

Last year’s issue

Since things went unexpectedly well last year, we said why not doing it the second year, too? And here we are today, at issue no. 2.

Issue no. 2 is titled All Roads Lead To You. Because we thought and thought: how could we name it? And given the way we know their characters, and the ways they interact, their dynamic, and their paths separated and together, this is the best name we could come up with.


But enough about the explaining, now. We have a section dedicated to that in our newest issue.

So, if you are a NaruSaku fan you probably know what I am talking about and you’re probably already holding a piece of that zine in your hands by now. I really hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Therefore, if you are a NaruSaku fan too and would like to purchase your own copy of the zine, do know that the preorders are open for a month. You can purchase your own copy from our NaruSaku Shopify store here.

Will the zine have another number? Well, we don’t know that for sure just yet. But keep close, we might surprise you.

Yours truly,


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