Legion – King of Kings Chapter 3: The Punchline


Time for a new chapter of Legion – King of Kings, Chapter 3: The Punchline.

Hello, hello! Remember… Legion: King of Kings?

Well if you didn’t I’m here to remind you because I just remembered myself about it and of course I had to share some thoughts.

So I don’t know if you remember last time but I was telling you how I couldn’t wait for Cas to release a new chapter.

Well, he did! Many of them since then but today we’re going to talk about Chapter 3 aka from where we left it last time.

Legion – King of Kings Chapter 3: The Punchline

As I was telling you then, the situation was tricky with the story’s protagonist – Amadous. And his situation with the Psyonia enemies. Or so I thought as this new issue sheds some light on that aspect also.
Well, as this chapter shows us, Amadous decides to not run away. He stays and fight for as long as he can, and thus we can observe his first exhibits of courage.

However, despite this courage the situation doesn’t seem to go in a favorable way and that’s when one of my favorite parts of this chapters hits:


And BOOM – there it is! Your very first dose of realism.

As we’ve been accustomed by now, your usual comic books/manga hero is this super invincible guy. He attracts you with this super flashy thing from the very beginning – which if you ask me has been overused so many times. He is this really brave person with no fear, as if he’s invincible no matter what.

While I do not condone this approach and it’s good for morale boost and will strengthening, as I already mentioned it the very trope has been overused for so long it gets boring at a point.

So thus, here we have a realistic person who yes, tries. Doesn’t give up. But when the sh*t’s about to hit the fan – pardon my language, please, he asserts the situation. Thus he does what could have been done best in that very specific situation. As in run!

So yeah, I really really loved this part. But then comes the part that totally had me  “OMG I SO LOVE IT!”

Wanna know which one(s)?

Well, to find them all I’m going to have to invite you to read it on Legion: King of King’s very own home.

However, I am going to give you a sneak peek.


Get me now?

A refreshing narrative

Anyway, so the story continues with Amadous being captured. Why is that? Well, you’ll have to read it for yourselves.

He tries to fight his way out as he’s being somewhat ridiculed by the narrative itself.

The other players remain in awe over his choice of use of skills. You know, given the type of player he was. Or was supposed to be.

As he’s held captive by his enemies, he’s being beaten. But, he finds out an important piece of information from the team’s captain. He’s learns about the Harconia people. They have an animosity towards the Psyonian characters. They offer him a “blessing in disguise” truce kind of thing, by giving Amadous the chance to join his “powerful team”.

And that is when my second favorite part of the story comes. When Amadous has to give his answer and totally snaps at the other player.

What I loved most about that part once again is the realism in it. Amadous has just found himself in one of those situations we all find ourselves in. Especially in this tech-era and the times of MMORPG games.

There’s always that type of player with higher level that loves to measure his own worth by picking on lower level players. Because he’s that “cool”.

Afterwards comes a part at which I laughed very hard, I have to admit and you can smell a little bit of that british humor we all love in the replies exchange that happens between Amadous and the Harconian team captain.

At the end of the chapter the action switch to Psyonia. There, the Psyonia players wait around talking about Amadous. They make a joke or two when Amadous makes his appearance looking very…well, pissed and tad bit rotten.

The chapter ending with the tension of what looks like a confrontation between Amadous – or the noob as he’s being called, and the Anchor.

But, please! Don’t trust my word and go check for yourselves.

I am stopping here and we’ll narrate the story of the next chapter well… next post.

Until next time yours truly salutes you,


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