My short review on The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas on Goodreads


I am a big fan of The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. So I wrote a short review on it on Goodreads.

My rating? 5 of 5 stars!

My thoughts about it

I have read this book years ago, cannot remember quite when (around 2005 if I recall correctly, in summer).

I was a teen at the time and was barely stepping my foot in this world, that of a story, the literary minds, the literature, the prose, the creation, genesis of a universe, and so I may have tended to have a rather different view on books and the worlds they can get you in, back then.

However, for the story lover I would become years later, I must say that Alexandre Dumas’ Count of Monte Cristo is one of those stories which made me love literature for many reasons that sadly the time doesn’t allow me to write them down here in this moment.

Hope I can come back with a more in-depth review when I shall have the time, however, for the moment what I want to say is that Count of Monte Cristo isn’t just a story, its protagonist isn’t just a hero that marches above society from the poor naive, maybe, “peasant” he is believed in the beginning.

He’s just a pure soul trapped and imprisoned because a morally faulty society present in the French era of those times.

However what I find glorious is how he rises above all and makes his own way to the top by being the same innocent self, in a way, despite the events he undergoes, deep down there in the depths of his soul.

Edmond Dantès becoming the Count of Monte Cristo holds so many more meanings than just a title and this is why I have come to appreciate it so much.

As I have learned that sometimes a book mustn’t be judged only by its cover, that it might not be just one of the nagging books you had to read while in school, that sometimes the adventures behind the scenes the story takes you, are more than just story snippets and recurring themes but morals and situation you might very well find in our real world.

This is why The Count of Monte Cristo to me is a masterpiece and shall remain so, for a very long time…


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