Favorite childhood cartoons from the 90’s


What are my favorite childhood cartoons from the 90’s? Because yes, to me childhood meant the 90’s.
Find out from the list below!

I’ve been always immersed in this world of stories. So of course cartoons were on my plate when I was a child. Every time I would wake-up, after having my breakfast, I immediately went to the TV.
So, what did I like watching as a kid? Read the list below and find out!

Captain Planet

Captain Planet will aaalways be a favorite of mine. Always and forever. Whenever I saw Gaia, I was thrilled.
Loved the fact that you had a team of people from all over the world. And by their powers combined here came Captain Planet!


Looking back now, it was rather a strange costume that he had, but I didn’t mind back then. I was happy seeing him fighting the bad guys and winning. In the end, Earth was once more saved. No pollution, no deforestation or any other bad deeds against planet Earth.

Can we bring back Captain Planet, please? I feel that no, more than ever his presence is desperately needed!

So yeah, I guess you can understand easily why this is my first mention in the favorite childhood cartoons from the 90’s list.

X-Men Animated Series

Oh yes, X-Men is to this day still one of my favorites! I think I watched all the adaptations I could from thereafter. At least those that were available on the TV networks from my country. But I remain with a soft spot for the old series back in the 90’s.


I loved watching Storm invoke the power of the elements, Rogue having her tragic moments but keep staying strong. Or follow Jean’s journey as the host for the Phoenix. Not to mention the whole sentinels giving the mutants a lot of headaches so to speak, and see how they solve it.

Definitely my second option in the favorite childhood cartoons from the 90’s list.

Batman The Animated Series

Well, since I had a Marvel there, I couldn’t not have a DC as well. Ah, yes, the all-known Batman The Animated Series.


Batman was always like shrouded in mystery, and mystery has always been something I was attracted to. Plus, as a child who came from Romania and growing up with the people for whom Dracula = bats, I was curious to see what other perspective can I get from a bat character.

Granted, Batman did satisfy that curiosity of mine. Plus, he was the good guy who punished bad guys. I, a child who by design wanted to see good guys win.

A recipe for success, nevertheless!


What do you do when your beloved anime’s ending leaves a hold in your soul, hard to replace? You find W.I.T.C.H.!


Formed by the initial of the girls’ names, W.I.T.C.H. is your typical magical girl show which takes you to adventures along with the girls. Well, as a child back then, I didn’t mind.

It was the closest I could get to Sailor Moon, so I was content with it. Yes, I know, Sailor Moon is an anime, not a cartoon. There’s a difference! you might say. And I agree with you. But the essence it’s the same.

Totally Spies

Now, who could not love Totally Spies? It was always a nice, relaxing watch after a full day at school, then homework and all things like that.


I loved watching Sam, Alex and Clover going into all kinds of spies adventure. It was what you could call, the Charlie’s Angels of cartoon world.

I don’t think I saw it all, though. The TV stations in my country used to have this habit of repeating previous episodes. Probably they did not have the money to buy the next ones? I don’t know for sure.

But nevertheless, it was a nice watch.

Dexter’s Laboratory

You didn’t think I’d forget that, did you? I remember that it was my favorite to watch when I used to wake-up and didn’t even go to eat, until I had at least seen an episode.


I loved the contrast between Dexter and DeeDee. How he was so stern and she was so carefree. I even enjoyed his fights with Mendark. I still imitate his weird-evil laugh sometimes when I want to make fun.

Plus, who doesn’t remember Dexter’s iconic omelette du fromage? I bet the sound of that just crossed your head.

So yeah, Dexter’s Laboratory is another honorific mention in the favorite childhood cartoons from the 90’s list.

Powerpuff Girls

If Dexter’s Laboratory makes the list, there’s no way Powerpuff Girls doesn’t, right? Who didn’t love sweet Bubbles, lovely Blossom and headstrong Buttercup?


The team to go to when the mayor of Townsville found himself in incapacity of dealing with the well town’s problems. Which were granted, caused by .. villains such as crazy monkey Mojo Jojo, drag queen hell crab named Him or Ganggreen Gang. Granted, we have more others but these would be the honorable mentions, so to speak.

Tom & Jerry

Saving the best for the last, Tom & Jerry is if not the most honorable mention in the favorite childhood cartoons from the 90’s list.


I feel as if this doesn’t even need to much words, as its a legend on its own. I watched Tom & Jerry every time I could because boy, did I laugh as hard as I could’ve ever? Yes, I did!

Found myself always rooting for Jerry triumph, while also having some empathy for Tom as well, whenever his bad deeds backfired at him. But he never learned, because oh well… the ever green nature of a cat chasing a mouse, I guess.

I think I could see Tom & Jerry even now and have the same laugh as I used to back then. These two are timeless!

So, I think this is where my favorite childhood cartoons from the 90’s list gets to an end.  Thinking about them and writing about them was a nice trip down memory lane.

I went back to a childhood of great times with great laughs. Hope you did too.

And since you’re here, do you have a favorite childhood cartoon you wanna tell me about? You can do it in the comments section down below.

Until then, thanks for reading!

Yours truly,


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