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Masashi Kishimoto takes over Boruto – is the news that quickly spread today, like wildfire. From what the official Twitter account of Boruto series tells us, he replaces Uriyu Kodachi. Apparently, Kodanchi will depart from the position of scriptwriter. Surprising news, isn’t it? It surely seemed to take the world of anime/manga by surprise…

The original tweet, from Boruto’s official Twitter page:

Now, what does this exactly mean? Why am I commenting on it to begin with, if I’m not even into Boruto? Let me break it down for you.

Kishimoto takes over Boruto – what does this mean?

Well, from what the translation shows us, he’s taking over only on the writing part. Not the art side. That is still under Mikio Ikemoto’s command.

But what about that part that tells us “the structure of production will be changed and work will start from the beginning.”?

That to me, to be honest, is quite strange worded. Does that mean that Boruto will start from the beginning and 5 years of serialization will be turned to dust? To be honest, that’s hard to believe. Not to mention, i’d be quite weird. The story, as it is, had a path.

To change that and start from scratch, it would be very unusual. However, there’s nothing we can say with certainty. That’s to be found out in the future.

It either means from the start, or from chapter 53 onwards. The future will tell.

Any hopes for Naruto fans since Kishi takes over Boruto?

Now, of course, this news has quite put some flames out there. For as much as I tried to avoid anything Boruto related, today I couldn’t. It pretty much occupied a large portion of Twitter. Something I haven’t seen for quite a while, I must admit.

A thought that’s on everybody’s minds today is if this will mean something for old Naruto fans.

Could Kishimot bring his older audience in, could he bring back old Naruto fans? Can Naruto fans hope to see anything good coming out of it?

Well, that’s a thing for time to tell, sadly. At most what the audience can do now is patiently wait for future events to unfold.

Why am I commenting on this if I am not even following Boruto?

Surely, a question that’s on a lot of people’s minds. Especially those who have a lot of pet peeve against me.

Well, not that I owe them an explanation, anyway.

The reason I am commenting on this is because the news has traveled fast and my inboxes have been filled with this question. Have you heard Masashi Kishimoto takes over Boruto writing?

Well, yes, of course I have. It’s not like it’s something to be missed. After all, for better of for worse, back when Naruto ran, the man used to be a big thing.

Now with Boruto, as you all know and I have told you in other instances, I am not following it anymore.

I tried to at some point, but the blatant mischaracterization and how Boruto came to be, was a big disrespect from Kishimoto towards his audience. So why do it?

Therefore this begged the question of what do I think about it. Well, this is why I decided to write this article. To give my personal opinion on it, as an ex-fan of the man and his work.

Is Kishimoto to be trusted as a good and honorable and writer?

That’s the no. 1 question for me, to be honest with you. Is Kishimoto all that? Given how he decided to end the Naruto series and have it all go downhill? Not caring about his characters and downright trashing his own heroine?

Let me tell you one thing. One of the reasons I lost all respect for this man was for what he did to Sakura.

I’ve voiced my opinion on few of my articles. One of them being A little notice + regrets as a Sakura fan after Kishimoto’s interview with Kobayashi. While the other being From Japan to the West: On Sakura’s dethroned status as a heroine and promotion of Hinata.

I’ll never forget how he downright chose to dethrone Sakura in favor of Hinata, although Hinata never did in the story as much as Sakura did.

Now will I ever forget how he chose to talk about Sakura like she is a secondary character, while he put Hinata on the heroine pedestal? Nope. I won’t.

The lies of Masashi Kishimoto – can his word ever be trusted?

I’ll never forget how he went against his own words, although he so much preached in his story, through his hero, to never do that.

I think it’s no wonder that few days ago while browsing my Tumblr for an old info, I came across this.


This is just a part of the lies he told, all that so he could cater to an audience that did nothing but to bully others and even himself.

Because of that, for me it’s quite hard to trust him as an author anymore. As a person, even.

Who’s to say that this time around he’s going to do it right?

Who’s to say that now he won’t drop the heroine the same way he did in the past? For all we could know, Sumire might become Hokage and be with Boruto, while Sarada takes the secondary character spot.

Like he did with Sakura. She was meant to have her recognition for her hard work. She was meant to be at Naruto’s side, rewarded with his love given the great things she did for him and he did for her.

Instead what did he do? He cast her aside and all that hard work reward is given to Hinata, although Hinata seldom actively did something to deserve the spot.

He called Sakura a terrible woman for moving on from Sasuke to Naruto, although he, himself portrayed her as such. Like Sasuke hasn’t treated her absolutely horrendous over and over again.

While Naruto has been nothing but supportive and loving to her. How would moving on to a guy who treats her better would make her terrible?

What skewed message is that for the young audience out there? I’m curious if one of his kids is a girl, would he want her to be with someone who treats her the way he portrayed Sasuke treating Sakura?

He downright discredited his heroine, all so he could please a loud and bullying subset of the old Naruto fandom.

And that, for me, personally, speaks a lot about his integrity as a human being and character.

Could this mean something for fans of NaruSaku?

I am sure most of you have been brimming with hope that maybe, maybe this could mean he’s going to make up for what he did to Naruto, Sakura and NaruSaku.

What do I say about that? As much as I liked to do theories based on his writing and symbolism, I tell you this: don’t do it.

Don’t hope that this could mean something for NaruSaku. The ship has sailed fanon. And in all honesty, I think it’s for the better.

The disrespect he showed to his fans and even his wife, by his own words, is quite telling. He basically metaphorically speaking spat in people’s faces, and his own as well by extent, despite his own writing.

He chose this. So I honestly tell you to not hope for anything. You’d only set yourself up for disappointment again.

Not to mention, this is Boruto’s story, not Naruto’s.

And to be truly honest with you, I’d rather have it stay that way. He’s done a lot of damage to this pairing and I wouldn’t want NaruSaku be dragged onto this mess once again.

NaruSakus are still persecuted, even now, years later. My social media is proof enough for that.

Not to mention his writing and lies, like I said. Do you really wanna go through that again? Because I surely know I don’t.

I have my own fanon and other fanon alternate universes with other NaruSaku fans to enjoy. Where they’re being taken care of and respected, along with other characters. So really, I’d say do yourself a favor and don’t expect anything of an author who lies that easily.

A closing thought

There are a lot of instances like the above where Kishimoto downright lies to please certain audiences. And that’s really problematic. It’s about a man’s word and his accountability and integrity.

I said in instances here and there on my social media that I understand why and even feel kinda sorry. But still, it doesn’t excuse him of the choice. It’s a matter of accountability, after all.

And I don’t know about everyone else out there, but for me, personally, these are virtues that speak a lot about a man’s integrity and character. And sadly, in the past Kishimoto has proven he lacks greatly in this department.

He has been proven to be untrustworthy and downright fickle as autumn leaves. All that he could make some more bucks, or God knows why.

And in the end it doesn’t even matter.

All that matters is the man’s character. And sadly, his is doubtful.

And this is coming from someone who used to defend him with all that she got.

So I know, at face value the news might seem encouraging. Hopeful.

But all I can say is don’t forget the past, or you’re bound to make the same mistake again.

That’s all I’m saying. Anyway, with this being said, I end here my post. Like always, thank you for reading.

Take care!

Yours truly,


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