The Last: Naruto the movie failing in Japan? Japanese fans cancel their ticket reservations for the movie?


Seems that The Last: Naruto the movie failing in Japan?

Long time no talk, eh? I haven’t been commenting that much around the movie.

Given its apparent contents, everyone including me, can’t seem but feel absolutely disappointed with the ending of these 15 years of Naruto.

The Last: Naruto the movie seems to be nothing more than a bad Sailor Moon rip-off romance between Naruto and Hinata.

Despite the author pointing towards Naruto and Sakura all throughout his 15 years of manga context.

At the end of it, apparently NaruHina and SasuSaku are the end pairings we got.

Many fans around the world have expressed their dissatisfaction with this. And apparently, in Japan, the all-promised NaruHina fairy tale fails to bring fans to the finale…

The Last: Naruto the movie failing in Japan? Seats situation

Fans that have reserved tickets for The Last: Naruto the movie apparently have been cancelling their tickets reservations?

And many of the seats of Japanese theaters get emptier and emptier according to a Japan resident.


Apparently in Kamiooka: Kanagawa Prefecture, as we see, only a few number of seats seem to be reserved (gray chairs). All while a higher number seems to still be available.

Same seems to be the case with Nihonbashi Tokyo, where apparently people with VIP statuses sit during premiers.

So we can draw the conclusion that maybe here is where the Naruto producers will be, along with Kishi & co.?


Likewise Kanawaga, as we can see, the number of unreserved/free seats greatly outmatches the reserved along with the VIP ones.

Japanese fans likewise fans all over the world seem to not be welcoming with open arms The Last: Naruto the movie in Ichihara Chiba either.


As observed, in Ichihara Chiba, likewise the other two instances, the high number of unreserved/free chairs seems to be greatly outnumbering the reserved ones, according to the images.

Fans impressions

Despite being marketed as highly successful in Japanese media, in reality, The Last: Naruto the movie seems to be doing very bad.

No matter how much Kishimoto together with Studio Pierrot calls the fans out to the movie, it’s not enough.

Given its marketing and the fact that the whole cast was pushed back for Hinata to have her love story with Narut, no wonder.

Despite NaruHina and SasuSaku fans being seemingly enough to cover-up this disaster of an ending, the collective voice of the Naruto fandom tells us one thing.

No one liked the apparent NaruHina and SasuSaku ending.

And Kishimoto along with Studio Pierrot’s marketing ploys aren’t welcomed.

Fans all over the world that have been following this manga for more than a cute love story cannot help but feel not only disappointed, but also betrayed.

Given the contents of the manga up to chapter 698 and the bad reviews that this ending receives underneath all the loud voices of those who “enjoyed” the final two chapters and the supposed plot of The Last: Naruto the movie.

Maybe it’s because in terms of romance everyone expected for Naruto to finally get to conquer the heart of the girl who he has loved all his life as the manga shown us.

Because of her beautiful fighting spirit and not because of a childish rivalry with Sasuke like the plot of The Last: Naruto the movie seems to imply?

Closing thoughts

Maybe, because, in the end, all that everyone expected without much fuss and over-exaggerated romance would’ve been a simple moment like this:


After all, given that Kishimoto gave us something like this:


One could only expect, seeing how much it meant for Sakura that Naruto should be alive to fulfill his dream.

Seeing this all-encompassing  love of hers… it’s just absolutely beautiful and could have kept being so.

Until The Last: Naruto the movie along with chapter 699 and 700 came.

But oh well…

Interesting fact, nevertheless, with Japan’s real reaction.

Not what they promote in the media, now, as we move closer to the grand opening of the final story.

Therefore with these being said, I bid you laters my darlings!



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