Farewell, Naruto series! Farewell, Masashi Kishimoto!


Today I say farewell Naruto series because there’s no other way.

That’s it, the big announcement came. Probably many of you expected it so here it is. From today on, I am done with Naruto series and I bid farewell to it and its creator, Masashi Kishimoto.

The way this series ended left a big chunk of sourness in my soul, I cannot feel anything but betrayal from the writer I so respected and defended for so many years.

For so many years, when people picked on Masashi Kishimoto and Naruto, I would quickly jump like a bullet out of the gun to immediately defend the author.

Along with the series, no matter the flaws from here and there.

I found reason in it, I found logic in it, I found beauty. But today, with its finale and The Last: Naruto the movie, I cannot say anything but the fact that it’s the exact opposite of what I initially found in Naruto.

Naruto series & Studio Pierrot’s involvement

With their bias and deep involvement, Studio Pierrot managed to absolutely destroy a beautiful and wonderful series. Up to chapter 698, this series was the series we all loved. From there on, it all turned to dust, nothing that made us love the series itself was recognizable…

Yes, I know there are lots of NaruHina and SasuSaku fans that are willing to tell me how it’s not like that and how wonderful Naruto ended.

No, it didn’t. And you know it too, deep down there, inside of your heart, you know it too.

No matter how much you won’t admit it to anyone else, not even maybe to yourself, but deep down inside you know that Naruto series was ruined.

How do I feel currently about it? There’s a piece of fanart out there that greatly expresses my feelings.

Funny enough, although the closest in this manga I felt towards were Naruto and Sakura – and probably someone would have expected me to express it with a NaruSaku picture – when it came to Sasuke, although I understood him, I was not that much into him.

As you guys know, I always had a love-hate relationship with Sasuke Uchiha. However, funny how at the end of things, I can only express my feelings through him:



I’m leaving and I’m not looking back. I don’t know if there’s a Naruto out there that looks back at me leaving him…

The Naruto I know prior the finale would, but the new Naruto wouldn’t, because the new Naruto isn’t the Naruto we knew for so long.

And it hurts in a way, you know? But it’s okay, if he’s happy the way he is, although I cannot help but to think about his own words – I hate people who lie to themselves – then so be it.

I’m not. And I’m not either going to lie to myself on how much I keep loving Naruto. No, I don’t anymore. I’m sorry. This Naruto it’s not the Naruto I followed and supported so many years. This is a Naruto I can barely recognize.

Besides his facial structure, there’s nothing I recognize in him anymore. Absolutely nothing. All that he is to me is just an empty shell of a filled with an inner never giving up attitude that I used to love. The inner self it’s gone. It’s there no more. This Naruto is empty. This Naruto is … gone.

Therefore, I’m walking away… I bid you farewell, Naruto series!

I will miss your smile, the spunkyness, your never giving up attitude, the love for Sakura, the one love for Sasuke.

Your love for your family, Team 7 and everything else that made you who you were up to 698.

I bid you farewell Masashi Kishimoto. I am not going to miss you, just your creation! Thank you for giving it to us, but shame on you for using us like this. After all, we were nothing but tools for your road to success…


Zabuza was right in the end… All we are in this life is just tools for some other people. What can I say?

Thank you for making me feel nothing but a tool at the end of a series I loved dearly.

Hope you’re happy deep down there inside the depths of your soul. You said you wanted to show us that life can be different.

But it’s not. And you, yourself proved it. You yourself proved to be the very people you were damning in your story.

What does that say? A lot… But, it doesn’t matter anymore… Not to you at least. Not to the people that quickly take anything it’s given to them.

But to the people who matter, it’s… hard and ugly.

But it’s okay, because despite of the ending you did, we will hold dear the characters we knew up to that horrendous finale.

Those were the characters we grew-up with and loved dearly.

Now, they’re gone… you took them away from us/yourself and gave it to Studio Pierrot so that they can mess with them in the ugliest possible way.

So, I’m leaving towards new horizons, where Heaven and Earth do meet…

Therefore, farewell Naruto…! I wished I could’ve stayed longer with you, but I cannot…


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