Sakura Haruno: third most popular Naruto character


Sakura Haruno is third most popular Naruto character.

After the unpleasant news with Naruto’s finale, some good news appear on the horizon.

According to Meganezaru from Tumblr, given Kishimoto’s latest interview, a heated discussion is happening around Japanese fandom.

It’s all due to Kishi’s latest statements about Sakura’s popularity, given that she scored third most popular Naruto character in a new contest, according to this source.

This is the poll for the most favourite Naruto character in the last chapter:

1) Uzumaki Naruto: 24.5%

2) Hatake Kakashi: 9.0%

3) Haruno Sakura: 5.2%

4) Uchiha Sasuke & Nara Shikamaru: 3.0%*

6) Hyuuga Hinata: 1.3%

The poll also shows Hinata Hyuga as being the least favorite character. Therefore Japanese fandom apparently wonder why Kishi stated such things if Sakura seems to be a very well liked character?

After all, it would be no wonder given the wonderful things we’ve seen Sakura do these latest chapters…

Well, at least at the end of the day, we can celebrate this good news.

She earned it! She worked for it and she earned it and this is the best memory we’ll have of Sakura Haruno after a ruined 15 years legacy…

Like she worked hard and earned the Byakugo, same happened with the popularity and although she isn’t there no. 1, she’s fairly well in the top three, a place well-deserved, if you ask me!

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