Update on The Last: Naruto the movie postponed to April 2016 due to “technical concerns with the content”


As we already know, The Last: Naruto the movie had a very bad reception in its motherland.

However it has been planned to get released in other countries.

As we know from when Road to Ninja: Naruto the movie came out two years ago, Philippines was one of the very first countries to air the movie after its motherland, Japan.

Had a huge success and its overall reception being excellent, given the movie’s content.

This year, as reported by Saiyan Island, The Last: Naruto the movie should have been airing in Philippines on December 17.

However, despite its initial planned release on 17 December, ever since then, the movie has been postponed two times.

That’s until SM Cinema have decided to postpone the movie until April 2016, due to technical concerns with the content, as they have declared on their Facebook page.


Therefore, once again The Last: Naruto the movie gets canceled from release.

Why could this have happened?

Now, this makes one wonder why, right? They say that they’re concerned with the content of the movie?

As we all know, this movie is nothing but a big retcon as the majority of the fandom calls it. Besides its subsets, the NaruHina and SasuSaku fandom of course.

People are deeply disappointed with the content of the movie after being fooled to believe through low-level marketing techniques that this movie will be a movie that resolves all the bonds of the manga.

In reality it was nothing but a sojo-esque love festa for the sudden love story between Naruto and Hinata.

Despite the manga indicating nothing of the such, as stated by Naruto’s VA , Junko Takeuchi in the interview given for the pamphlet that accompanied The Last: Naruto the movie.



Q2: How was the love story of Hinata (with Naruto I’m presuming)?

Junko Takeuchi: Until now, I didn’t feel any aura of love or any indication like that between them. I just felt like if it was actually like that then I would be happy to have it. A movie in this fashion, it was like “ta-da!!”. Suddenly revealing it(their love and the movie) to me made me really surprised! Source

Of course, we can never be sure on why SM Cinema decided to cancel once again the airing of the supposedly “most acclaimed” movie in the franchise.

All we can do is speculate. However the discrepancies between how Studio Pierrot decided to advertise it and the overall terrible reception from the fandom, makes one wonder and connect the two.

And it wouldn’t even be a surprise as most the fandom considers this movie nothing but a disrespect towards the fans that have been following this story’s development for 15 years.

What do you guys think the reasons could be? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below!



UPDATE: Apparently this was hoax as announced by SM Cinema on their facebook page:


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