Naruto Characters Databook 4: Sakura Haruno’s profile. SasuSaku vanishes while NaruSaku grows? Brief translations for Sakura -> Naruto, Sakura – > Sasuke


Okay my dears, as you know, the newest Databook just came out and thus we have Naruto Characters Databook 4: Sakura Haruno’s profile!

Here are some brief photos plus translations.



As we can notices, in each of the profiles, Kishi chose some very specific moments in regards to Sakura in terms of SasuSaku and NaruSaku.

Naruto Characters Databook 4: Sakura Haruno’s profile – NaruSaku

First Sakura – > Naruto Databook 4 section:

In Sakura’s profile it translates as following:

Naruto: That guy who was so troublesome by consistently courting her with such obstinacy.

Even Sakura who used to think about him that way, now, thinks about him in a caring way/ she thinks about him as someone important to her and is one who understands him very well (maybe “the only one who understands him well”, but I don’t know if it would be biased to translate it that way though it could be translated like that).

She decided to believe in his beautiful dream that is “to become Hokage”.

She believes that one day Naruto will become Hokage and she decided to protect his dream. To pay back Naruto who always protected her and loved her until now. Snuggled against (LOL I didn’t know which word used, though this one is weird).

Naruto who’s dying after the Kyuubi was extracted from him, Sakura is using the necessary rescue method. Until Naruto’s dream will be accomplish, she won’t forgive to let him die (not too sure about that last sentence but I think it makes sense like that).

Note of the translator: Not sure at all about Obito’s panel so I didn’t translate it.

Naruto Characters Databook 4: Sakura Haruno’s profile – SasuSaku

Let’s move to the second being Sakura -> Sasuke Databook 4 section:

She was rejected many and many times, and yet that girl still holds on her feelings. She wants to save Sasuke who took a wrong path. Sakura who holds an ardent will, offer her help (offer her hand) to Sasuke who made her suffer.

She intended to kill Sasuke herself. Sai saw a lie through Sakura’s smiling face when she said “I trust/believe in Sasuke-kun”. Desire/Aspiration and anxiety/insecurity, her heart sways/shakes complexly.

Note of the translator: There is only the passage with Obito and the passage where she intended to kill Sasuke that I wasn’t sure about, so I didn’t translate anything. But it’s not not very big, only one sentence for each of them. »

Sakura’s favorite: “Sakura used to hold a goodwill/benevolence towards Sasuke during her childhood. Even after he fell into darkness, that feeling of her didn’t vanished.”

»Sakura’s affinities are Water, Earth, Ying and Yang.


From what we see and from what Kishimoto seems to draw attention to, SasuSaku is hurting Sakura while NaruSaku seems to be making out of Sakura a better, stronger person!

Is it because my predictions might be true, NaruSaku will become canon in the manga or The Last: Naruto the Movie while SasuSaku “dies”?

After all… Sakura’s own heart seems to not being able to take such suffering from Sasuke’s part anymore…

But until jumping to proper conclusions, let’s just wait for the proper translations and info, and, of course, manga’s end!

What do you guys think of Naruto Characters Databook 4: Sakura Haruno’s profile?

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