New thoughts in regards to my last theory for The Last: Naruto the movie


I have new thoughts in regards to my last theory for The Last: Naruto the movie.

Ok, this is rather really quick.

I am just going to copy-paste what I already discussed with other people somewhere else.

I am in quite a hurry. So, behold once again may I remind you my theoretical thoughts about all this fog around the story of The Last: Naruto the movie.

If you want a little recap in regards to my previous theories, don’t forget to check out this link.

So, as I was saying, behold the holy copy-paste, haha!

My initial thoughts

There’s something weird about Kishi in his interviews…all he is reciting as a justyfing reason are SS and NH reasons.

Hell, he even made Sakura a housewife FFS! It’s like he’s reading our discussions on Tumblr for a while now and now made a finale and a movie to screw with us all. I swear!

But like somehow he left NS untouched – after all what we love. The selfless love for each other is what he is using as an excuse for Naruto and Sakura to give themselves a chance of at happiness.

And left behind a manga full of parallels and points and double meanings to either troll us at the end and all this is really and IT or to like leave his mark that this is what he was forced to do. And so he doesn’t care anymore. Gave them what they wanted but not how they wanted.

He is either preparing the troll of the century or he was forced, i don’t know… Something is really off and I find it hard to believe that Kishi would leave such a message behind.

They even call the NH love awkward…i mean, what? Isn’t it supposed to be beautiful, not awkward? And thus this makes me think about Kushina’s word, his foreshadowing – don’t go for a weird one (Hinata). Go for someone like your mother (Sakura).

And he was supposed to never give up yet he did and on top of that he went with the weird girl.

Maybe that was why those words of Naruto’s to Kaguya? As an excuse for this sh*t of an ending?

I don’t know what to believe anymore, I swear… And oh, he makes NS the destined couple, then he tries to force it now with the red scarf but which gets ruptured? What the…

And then have Sakura pointed as somehow the destined one given the Kanji. But you still end it with NaruHina. What the actual hell, really? This makes NO sense!

After which, I started thinking more “in-depth”.

As Konan-sama said, didn’t someone mention a NaruSakuHina love triangle when we first talked about the movie? Was there a source?

How can stuff end like that when we have this?


You went from RTN to something like this? Kinda not logical…

In the end the movie has been in production for 2 years. So you’re trying to tell me that this girl:


that couldn’t reach Naruto in the end was beat out by this girl:


who reached him (more like brought to him – hint hint destined girl to be with?)and his heart?

The new thoughts in regards to my last theory for The Last: Naruto the movie

And another weird thing.

So Sakura gets a calendar with her quote to Naruto that she won’t let him die so easily as long she is there.


With the manga panel where Kakashi states that her feelings towards Sasuke have changed.

MIND YOU the month she is on is none other than APRIL, the month Naruto fell in love with Sakura. And the month mind you the new series starts.

On top of that we have a Naruto in 700 that not only looks miserable, bitter and unhappy but he also drinks and isn’t with the girl he was destined to be with.

The girl whose destiny was supposed to bring him as the man of her dreams cue chapter 3.

Basically he broke his mother’s advice and didn’t surpass his master.

But on the other side we have Naruto telling Kaguya that a kid that can’t leave his mother’s side is I don’t know how.

However, as soon as Naruto breaks his mother’s advices he gets to live a crappy life. But on the other hand Naruto has stated that his mother Kushina Uzumaki despite being severe, she was a woman with a good heart.

Doesn’t that make you recall a certain someone’s love and selflessness. Despite her severeness? While on the other side we have Kaguya, the beholder of Byakugan, a selfish mother, her descendant none other than Hinata Hyuga…

Interesting, isn’t it?

And then, something else clicked…

About Obito by the way, hear me out…We all got mad when Naruto called the Obito who returned at his morals pre-the masked man “a cool guy”.

But think about it. Think about why Kishi constructed the story this way. He fought with the Obito who lied to himself bc he lost Rin and messed up his life, ok?

Gave up his Hokage dream, yadda yadda.

But the important deal is that Obito NEVER gave up his love on Rin. Doesn’t that tell you something? Obito even said he’ll be Hokage inside this IT…

Naruto is lying to himself the same way Obito did so cue, like Obito he messed-up his life because he didn’t end up with the girl he loved. Despite being Hokage, cue messed up life.

But then Naruto says that the Obito who came back to his old self, that was the one who was cool.

Remember the common thing between NaruSaku and ObiRin? The knucklehead ninja who wanted to be Hokage, while the medic girl supported him.

Now Obito lost his way but in the end he came back to his original path and ended up with Rin.

So what is Kishi exactly pointing at here?

Final thoughts

Maybe Toneri understands wrong that Hinata is Naruto’s lover and tries to kidnap her so he can get to Naruto. To have all the chakra of ten tails and puts them into Tsukuyomi.

But because he got the wrong girl, the Infinite Tsukuyomi looks like crap. And in the end Sakura will be the one to break it, cue Sakura’s genjutsu skills. Plus she is the destined one?

In the end, Naruto going with Hinata would be the same thing he said he hates about “people like” Sakura. As in the ones who lie to themselves…

Maybe in the end it is as I initially said that while Road To Ninja was to show that Naruto was the destined one for Sakura, The Last is to show that despite all the entanglements, the read thread of fate cannot be broken. Thus NaruSaku cannot be broken and will happen?
I don’t know…

After all of that, Kwon91 comes with this interesting news… that talks about none other than IT…

I really don’t know what to say, to be honest. Things are pretty crazy.

Lots of Kishi’s arguments don’t make sense and all of us know it.

The way he wrote the manga, by trampling on his own foreshadowing and manga construction, is like he’s destroying everything he built up until now…

That’s why I say, as crazy as this might sound, until the movie isn’t out and we get to clearly see what happens, I say we wait before jumping to any type of conclusions.

Despite being tempted to it… I mean, hell, even I am on that boat, haha.

What do you guys think? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below.



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