Chatte Georgiana – the revival. From here and now on


Now that the revival of Chatte Georgiana has finally happened, let’s be a little more specific on what that means.

In my previous article I was telling you about how I plan on doing what I know best, as in reviewing, analyzing, theorizing and whatnot. But I never really said any specifics.

Today I want to be a bit more specific on that very subject.

What to expect from in the future?

Well, first of all I am planning on continuing a series very dear to me. Which one? Well, one that is one of my most well-known series of articles: Haruno Sakura – the character, the meaning, the hate.

I feel as if in the context of what happened, and given that Naruto series has ended, it would be proper to continue this series.

In the beginning when I started analyzing Sakura’s character, I decided to do it only from a character in the story stand-point. Now I want to make reference to other influences, as well.

I also plan to analyze that which I haven’t, thoroughly and in-depth. And by that, I mean, of course the infamous The Last: Naruto the movie.

Besides that, I also want to talk about how Naruto ended, what I think about its end, now, years later after I have been off of it.

I also want to talk about Boruto. Yes, Boruto. I have tried doing it in the past as some of you might now, when I reviewed few episodes of it on my YouTube channel.

Sadly, at that time I couldn’t keep up with this because many other things happened in my personal life. However, things are more stable now, and I plan on retaking that.

I also have another series in mind, with the two series “in the mirror” so to speak. You’ll see what I mean then.

Like I said, at this point this series for me became a case study for my future endeavors. So, then, how to learn best about how to’s in terms of different aspects if not from something you were, at some point, part as well?

What else am I going to be talking about?

You must wonder what else would I want to talk about, since of course, Naruto was somehow expected of me.

Well, I also want to talk about Game of Thrones – another masterpiece that ended tragically. Likewise, I want to tell you about the first webtoon that I have read in my life. It’s named Kubera – One Last God, and it’s one of the most thoroughly built stories I’ve ever have been given the chance to read. The plot, the characters, the connections, the world-building, the characterization, the entanglements, the relationships. Oh my God, absolutely out of this world!

But this is a subject that deserves its own thread.

I also want to talk about my own story for a bit. Remember how I used to tell you something on how I planned it back then? Well, things have changed – and a lot.

I also want to talk about a late discovery of mine – Avatar: The Last Airbender. Another masterpiece on its own.

Ooh, ooh, also a new TV series that I’m absolutely in love with! It’s called American Gods. Oh wow, that one is crazy! But crazy good!

And since I am on my road to publishing myself (at a bigger scale, of course), I decided that as I learn things myself, to share them with you as well. Things related to how to build a story, tips and tricks about world building, how to create a magic system in a story, or God knows what other.

Since I’ve finally understood what my “true calling” was, I also understood that it’s something I have to share with the world. To give back, somehow.

Anyway, there are a lot of things I do want to talk about, but I said I’ll shortly present you with a general overview of what’s about to come.

Hope you’ll enjoy and that we’ll exchange ideas and interpretations over these matters that will make it a nice debate.

Till next time, yours truly,


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