Some thoughts as a Sakura fan…


Today I wanna say some words as a Sakura fan that I am.

In the end you know who ironically gets “shafted” and tarnished the most out of every-goddamn-one? Sakura, my dear lord, Sakura…!


But because of this whole popularity and money BS Sakura gets it the worst.

The problem with Sakura Haruno

Potential, she had enough. In people’s eyes it’s the very one thing that damned her – her love to Sasuke. And you know what’s worse?

That I’m sorry but I partially agree with that.

Like I said, it’s like Sasuke is her dark side, takes out the worst out of her, takes out the energy out of her – hell, she cried so many tears for him. But she cried tears from her own ignorance. Because in this dynamics Kishi portrayed her as selfish and thus we all know the rest of the story.

And she was supposed to raise out of that, because in the end it’s not a matter of being a girl or a boy or what f*cking ever: you don’t depend on a person that way.

It’s hurtful for both parties involved. And we both see what the SS dynamics imply for both Sakura and Sasuke.

But at least Sasuke had his interesting background along with cool flashy jutsus so somehow he’s spared of all the fandom hate. But Sakura isn’t.

On Sakura lies all the fandom’s burdening hate. Popularity, despite once being high, at the end of it it didn’t matter because otaku voices screamed poor Himata-hime sama.

And I would’ve had no problem if they had screamed for a proper Hinata.

An overview on the fandom & Studio Pierrot’s bias again Sakura

But Hinata somehow makes it out of this because she’s curvy, she has boobs; her selfishness is differently displayed. She’s angelic, she’s submissive, you know all those things that the majority prefers.

Because the minority like me wanted a different Hinata. Like Sakura, wanted a Hinata independent of Naruto’s/Sasuke’s existence and hoped that was the route Kishi would go. And it sure seemed like, in his own way – or so I thought…

She’s popular. She’s liked. Sakura isn’t. That much, that her heroine status is robbed and not only this but Studio Pierrot also mocks her status in a commercial to advertise The Last: Naruto the movie.

It would have been fine with either of both as Naruto’s and Sasuke’s counterparts if properly displayed. But it wasn’t.

And not even that it wasn’t not even that frequently displayed, the times it was, it wasn’t even properly.

Let’s say you kiiinda shaft NaruHina, you know, you put the dirt under the rug – but that’s what it becomes in the middle of this dirt cue Naruto’s character and all the rest that’s implied in The Last.

But SasuSaku? I am sorry but I don’t care what anyone has to say no one in their right mind portrays SasuSaku like that and then make it have babies, I’m sorry.


I agree that in the middle you could invent stories such as God knows what but the problem is you displayed the pure dynamics between those two characters as non-functional. Instead you show a better working dynamics between other cases such as NaruSasu, NaruSaku and SasuKarin in respect to Sasuke and Sakura’s characters as standalone characters and how they develop around the others.

So you see this is why not only Sakura gets shitted the most in the process because she’s ripped of everything – non-resolved plots in canon and regression of character in the end / The Last but also why popularity matters destroy the series…

Too bad because with all its good and bad parts, Naruto could’ve been an epic story without the implications at its end… yet, it ends this way.

Especially if we look at Sakura.

That’s why I say, as a Sakura fan, this is so disappointing. I can’t understand how anyone who is truly a Sakura fan would be okay with this kind of treatment for the character…

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