The Last: Naruto the Movie – Masashi Kishimoto sends a message to Naruto fans!


As Naruto manga comes to an end and The Last: Naruto the Movie approaches, author Masashi Kishimoto sends a message to Naruto fans!


“Given that the original work (manga) and the new movie are connected as much as possible, I would appreciate if you’ll go to see the movie after you have finished to read the manga. (It’s OK even you haven’t read it! AHAHA). This movie is, putting it straight, about love! I never had a movie about it, so please enjoy Naruto!

Author: Kishimoto Masashi”

As we can observe, Kishimoto himself feels nostalgic about the manga’s end and once again, he prompts us, his fans, to once again, enjoy a new adventure that Naruto will be going through.

This time, as we can see, besides the other plot points, we’re dealing with a love story.

As I already said it here, it’s my strong belief that Naruto Uzumaki will finally conquer Sakura Haruno’s heart for various reasons.

But, of course, in the end we must wait and see.

So, let’s show our support to Kishi once again, by being there for Naruto in his journey of love!

What do you think about Kishi’s message?

Who do you hope this love story will be about? Will it be a romantic love story or it will touch all the aspects of love?

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below!

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