Japanese fandom not being so positive about SasuSaku in regards to Naruto series finale and The Last: Naruto the movie

As a general consensus given the first part of Naruto franchise, it is very well known that SasuSaku had once upon a time a quite large fanbase, given Sakura’s love for Sasuke in her early pre-teens. This was, however, all back in Part 1 when Sasuke hand’t had left Konoha, when Team 7 meant something more to him than it latter becomes, when his connections with them were still active.

However, as Part 1 finishes and Sasuke ruptures his tie with his former comrades, the situation between them becomes more and more complex and morally-gray over the course of the series, Sakura, however, getting what one would call “the short stick” given that in canon, after Sasuke has broken his bond with her, broken remains and no matter Sakura’s desperate pleas, she doesn’t get to touch his soul, like the likes of Itachi, Naruto and to some extent, Karin Uzumaki as well.

However, given its former glory, at the end of the series, given that chapter 700 suggests to us that ironically, Sakura and Sasuke have ended up together with a kid that looks like a copy-cat of Karin Uzumaki, and the latest news in regards to The Last: Naruto the movie, one would have expected that the reception of SasuSaku in Japan would be maybe somewhat better seen.

However, apparently it happens that not even SasuSaku can get under the skin of the Japanese fandom given its context in the ending following the manga’s events.

On 2ch, after the release of the movie fans have quickly gathered to discuss impressions and the Anti-The Last thread seems to be the popular one where critiques in regards to Naruto’s ending given its presented context in canon manga,  are discussed, SasuSaku had its turn and some interesting opinions in regards to their dynamics have surfaced:

89 名無しさんの次レスにご期待下さい転載は禁止2014/11/10(月) 15:59:40.29 ID:QcBArsNrG
Sasuke and Sakura tried to kill each other
Especially Sasuke was serious
It wasn’t a misunderstanding to anything. He really tried to kill her.
Now they’re showing it as if the ending is okay there was nothing wrong?
Fans that are praising this have something wrong in their brain
176 名無しさんの次レスにご期待下さい転載は禁止2014/11/11(火) 01:11:35.70 ID:qNBVbBzV0
Especially the way he tried to kill her was very cruel it left an impression
He tried to smash her face with a chidor held her neck and tried to cut it
Until the very last he said “I have no reason to be loved or to love you” and he put her in a cruel genjutsu
Then in 699 he’s suddenly acting all nice
Then suddenly time has passed and they made kids~are they making fun of us
If this is acceptable a marriage between Onoki and Moegi should be applicable
As long as they can make kids biologically the pairing doesn’t seem to matter
It’s laughable that they call this romance
Not only regards to love but the whole story was so half-assed
They threw away the problems of the cycle of hatred, the Kaguya relations,
Sasuke was redeemed with only the few panels of Kakashi
There is a limit to who bad they can do their work
It doesn’t have the complete introduction, turn, development, conclusion
They did this for 15 years and this is just unacceptable
177 名無しさんの次レスにご期待下さい転載は禁止2014/11/11(火) 01:17:34.61 ID:aYZfNYjj0
If they had Kishi say, “That was Uchiha sickness” it could have been understandable
180 名無しさんの次レスにご期待下さい転載は禁止2014/11/11(火) 01:24:56.67 ID:19KNylZl0
The Uchiha sickness Is as unacceptable as having a serial killer be judged as not guilty due to some mental sickness
199 名無しさんの次レスにご期待下さい転載は禁止2014/11/11(火) 06:06:56.14 ID:j8m/S9D50
It’s amazing that they could produce the bad Uchiha DNA when they keep on insisting that everything is wrong from this DNA
200 名無しさんの次レスにご期待下さい転載は禁止2014/11/11(火) 06:49:47.58 ID:j8m/S9D50
The core reason is there
The Uchiha DNA is wrong is a double edged sword
In place of not being responsible for individual crimes they will be responsible for not producing further of those harmful seeds
The world is not always beneficial
It’s painful that the kids reading the manga don’t realize how stupid it is that a man who was excused from crimes is producing the DNA that caused them in the first place

Given the context of the dynamics between the two of them presented to us in the latest chapters precending the series’ finale along with the dynamics presented in the second part of Naruto series, SasuSaku’s relationship dynamic seems to, at the end of the day, leave behind a worrying message as concluded by Japanese audience itself.

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