Top 5 games all time favorite


Yeah, a top 5 games all time favorite had to follow, since I talked about top 5 tv shows all time favorite. Not to mention, I also talked about my favorite childhood cartoons from the 90’s.

This only seemed fair… to talk about my favorite games I’ve always liked to play. Because yes, I don’t know if I mentioned it by now or not, I also like to play games. Be it on PC or a console, I’m always up for one. Plus, given that I’ve recently started to play once again one of them, this only seems befitting to talk about…

So let’s get down to the top, shall we?

Top 5 games all time favorite list

This is a minor list, as you can see, because I always turn to this games whenever I have the chance. I’ve fell in love with them the minute I got to play them. They just clicked on me.

I’m not what you would call an avid gamer or whatever. I’m not on that pro level. For me games are just for fun… and stories. I like the stories behind. It has to have a story to draw me in.

So which stories attracted me? Well, in reverse order are these: Sacrifice, Mortal Kombat, Starcraft 2 Brood War, Need for Speed Most Wanted and their hierarch – Diablo 2.

Yep, this is my top 5 games all time favorite. But let me tell you a bit about them and my story with it.


I don’t know if many of you know about this game. Released back in the 2000’s by Shiny Entertainment, Sacrifice is a real-time strategy game.


Unlike other strategy games, its focus wasn’t on resources. Yes, you needed them, but they weren’t the main point. The only resources you had to focus on were mana (which was granted to you via mana shrines) and souls. Souls came from either the creatures you had in your army, or the ones you collected from the enemy army when you defeated it.

You were basically a wandering sorcerer and had to choose your path from one of the 5 gods: Persephone who is the Great Healer. She bestowed her followers with powers of regeneration and nature. Her counterpart was Charnel. Also known as God of Strife. He celebrated death and decay. His creatures were undead and his spells drained the life out of the other creatures.

The other three gods were James, Stratos and Pyro. They governed the natural elements. James governed earth, Stratos air, while Pyro fire.

The cool thing about it? You could’ve start let’s say with James and do all the missions until the end under his tutelage. Or, in the middle, if you changed your mind you could’ve joined Pyro.

Granted, as you approached the end missions, your choices of tutelage became quite narrowed down.

I think I played all possible ways. Went with each god from the beginning until the end under his tutelage. Changed gods by each mission, or from the middle. It was really fun.

I remember loving usually their last level creatures, especially Persephone’s Dragons or James’ Rhinoks. But an honorable mention also needs to be addressed – Stratos’s Flurrys. They were like these giant balls of ice that looked like massive white fluffy puffy dogs you could pet.

Mortal Kombat

Now this is in itself a series. I remember playing the old one, as well as the new one. The old one, 2D version I used to play it on my cousin’s computer before I was able to even get mine.


I loved playing with Raiden and Sonya Blade, and sometimes with Liu Kang. Or, when I wanted to spam a certain move, I’d play with Goro, as it was the simplest to play with.

Years later, I had the chance to play it on Playstation. I changed by preference from Raiden to Sonya Blade all the way. Also Sindel. And from time to time I tried playing with others.

But Sonya Blade has always been my favorite to play with.

I don’t think I need to go into more details about this one, as I’m sure we all know it. Mortal Kombat in itself is a legendary series. Be it we’re talking about the games or the movies. For the times we’re referring to, it was a massive thing.

Starcraft 2 Brood War

Ooh, who doesn’t know this oldie but goldie? It was my very first strategy game played, ever. And for someone who always hated to lose time while she did something, especially play games, Starcraft Brood War surely taught me patience.


My favorite race to play with has always been the Protosses. Why exactly? I was attracted to their race units and abilities more than the human’s ones. And I could never really play with Zergs. They were too eew-ish for me.

I remember even now how much the sounds they made crept me out. I only played with them when I had to, in story mode. Because if I recall correctly, at some point you had to go through all the races.

But I can’t guarantee. It’s been a long time since I’ve played it.

I kind of miss playing it. Maybe I’ll try someday soon.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed is the series I’ve played from the very first beginning to the Carbon one. Afterwards, I wasn’t drawn so much to it. When Criterion took over, I was like meh. I don’t like the controls and the overall feeling. I’m dropping this.


It didn’t draw me to it the way the others did. Back then, nothing ever seemed the same again after Need for Speed Most Wanted. Neither Carbon, to be honest. But I did play it for the love of it. Not that bad, not that great either.

But Need for Speed Most Wanted? Dear lord, I lost nights from my youth back then!
You could say that back then, I was what you would call a real fanatic, lol.

I loved the adrenaline rush you’d get from all those sessions where police was running after you. I remember one night (or better said morning lol), I somehow managed to escape police after hitting two roadblocks with spikes.
To this day I cannot understand how I managed to escape, but I did. And it felt like I was the queen of the game, lol.

What I loved most about the game was of course, the tuning part. And the songs in the background when you were racing.

Riders on the Storm is still one of my favorite to this day.

PS: gave this baby a ride again about a month ago. I just can’t with this game. It’s THE most wanted in my list.

Diablo 2

The king of kings in my top 5 games all time favorite – Diablo 2. I can’t begin to say how much I loved this game. Still do.


I’ve played it countless times. My favorite character to play with was always the sorceress. Diablo had me enchanted on all sides – the story, the characters, the gameplay, the abilities. All of it.

I played with all characters in turns, so I can see what they could all do. For some reason I always preferred the sorceress. I had an affinity for those particular types of skills and found it easier to maneuver compared to the skills of the other characters.

A particular kind of thing I usually don’t take into account is voice acting. But in Diablo, it’s so well done that even to this day I can recall Deckard Cain’s voice.

To me Diablo 2 is a well-rounded masterpiece, even to this day.

That’s about it. Of course, I have some other ones that I like to play, but this is my top 5 games favorite all time, that I’d play any day, any time.

Maybe I’m not currently doing it like I used to, due to the lack of owning a desktop, but boy when I’ll be able to have one once again… oooh, that’ll be fun!

But yeah, this is it.

What are your top 5 games you could always play, no matter what?

Let me know in the comments down below.

Thanks for reading!

Yours truly,


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