A little thought about the secondary love triangle/triad and the marketing around NaruHina in The Last: Naruto the movie

All I have to say in regards to this marketing for The Last: Naruto the movie in regards to Hinata and Naruto, My Last Theory and Konan-sama’s own LeeHina theory is the following: before freaking out for NaruSaku, remind yourselves of how things went between Lee and Sakura at the end of the day.

Lee helped Sakura in a similar fashion that Hinata helped Naruto, same dynamics. All this time, despite being jealous, Naruto still loved Sakura and Sakura ended up confessing to Naruto, when if we look at the same dynamics that exists between NaruHina in the manga and the one they try to imply, Sakura could have very well confessed to Lee, but she didn’t. She ended up confessing Naruto.

Guess who Naruto is gonna end up confessing to? If you think that to Hinata because of how wrong he viewed her when they first met, remember that Sakura also considered Lee lame because at that time she was just a 12 years old kid, but later she learns that she was wrong about Lee and decide to stick best friends.

And there, voila! That’s what they are most probably hiding behind all this aggressive marketing campaign. Same as Road to Ninja, cue the two theories: My Last Theory and Konan-sama’s own LeeHina theory as I was reminding you.

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