Sailor Moon Eternal teaser trailer 2 revealed


Sailor Moon Eternal teaser trailer no. 2 has finally been revealed! As some of you already know, I’m a big fan of Sailor Moon. It’s one of the very first anime I watched when I was younger. I talked about it briefly in some older posts of mine.
I was absolutely enthralled by its story and would absolutely mesmerized every time I watched an episode.

When it ended, I felt like a big part of my childhood did with it, too. Fast forward 15+ years later, I was absolutely delighted when I heard they’re remaking the anime. Granted, with a closer to source material approach. And so, this is how Sailor Moon Crystal came to be.

I watched every episode of Sailor Moon Crystal as well, and when I heard it’s been stopped, the same eerie feeling of hollowness that I felt back when the original ended, approached me once again.

But the good news came around: the story of Sailor Moon would then be turned into a movie. And this is how Sailor Moon Eternal came to be. The only downside to this? We were to wait a long time for it.

Sailor Moon Eternal teaser trailer 2 revealed

As we all know, by now we already have a teaser trailer airing. The second one, actually. If you haven’t seen it by now, I’ll leave you to it now.

So what does Sailor Moon Eternal teaser trailer has revealed to us after 4 years of waiting?

Well, for starters nothing much that we didn’t already knew until now. That it will cover the Dead Moon arc of the manga of what would have been supposed to be the Season 4 of the Crystal remake.

That Helios and Chibiusa’s relationship will be one of the focus points of it. I am curious to see the route they take with this one, though. Will it be the same as 90’s anime? Will it be different? Remains to be seen.

Other questions that arise are regarding the Outer senshi and one that stays on everyone’s mind (likewise mine): will Sailor Saturn get a transformation sequence, finally?

What I liked from the teaser trailer

Okay, so it’s no question until now that I’ve been hit by nostalgia once again. As I do ever whenever Sailor Moon comes into question. With that being said, what did I like from the teaser trailer?

Well for starters: the intro! You see, as I told you before, I’m totally a 90’s kids that grew up with Sailor Moon. And hearing those big bells accompanied by the electrical guitar while the senshis were shown on those pillars… Man, that hit me hard!

I also liked the fact that animation-wise, they’re closer to the 90’s series. I’m forever be a fan of classical animation style, rather than the rendered CGI we have today. It’s more fluid, more natural if you ask me.

I was also excited seeing the girls with their attack moves. Granted, those are 90’s style and some people had some issues with that. Me? Not really.

What I didn’t like from Sailor Moon Eternal teaser

Well, from what I saw now, the only thing that was rather strange to me, not necessarily that I didn’t like was Helios’s/Pegasus’ height. From what I recall, Helios, in his Pegasus form was quite the unicorn.

Here it seems to be rather a well, uhm… pony unicorn. That seemed rather strange to me. Granted, I don’t remember his height in the manga, though.

I have to admit I’m more accustomed to the anime than the manga. Though I read it once in the past. And from what I remember he wasn’t that small? But do correct me if I’m wrong.

What I look forward to

Well, this was only a teaser trailer, so of course I’m expecting a rather full-fledged trailer in the future. One that can give us some clues about the route Toei studio decided to take in regards to the movie.

Granted, since it’s first part of it, we might not be able to grasp everything from the very start. But nevertheless, I do want to see more than we’ve already got.

Closing thoughts

But all and all, I gotta say, I am very pleased with what I’ve seen until now. Animation wise, voice acting wise, music wise. I mean hello, Moonlight Densetsu? My heart will skip a beat every time I’ll hear it! Even when I’ll be… I don’t know, eighty?

So yeah, in the end, thank you Toei for bringing us back a part of our childhood! You do know how to hit right into the nostalgic hearts. Props to you! At least, until now.

Anyway, I’ve covered what I wanted to in regards to Sailor Moon Eternal teaser trailer. I can only hope we’re going to get even more goodies in the future.

Until then, I’ll patiently wait.

Yours truly,


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