The Last: Naruto the movie: Hinata Hyuga and Hanabi Hyuga’s sketches finally get released!

Finally, after all this, we get to see Hinata Hyuga and her sister, Hanabi Hyuga, in the way Kishimoto Masashi himself designed them!

This seems to finally resolve the mystery woman next to Naruto in the initial sketches as well. It has always indeed been Hinata. Along with Hinata, we get to see her sister, Hanabi Hyuga, who now is a little bit more grown-up than last time we saw her.

I for one, like Hinata’s battle costume although it seems very Sakura like, probably that’s why I like it, haha, while I have to admit, her normal clothes look rather dull and bland.

What about you? Do you like it? Dislike it? What’s your opinion about it?

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