Some last thoughts in regards to Naruto chapter 699 & 700 spoilers and The Last: Naruto the movie plot and info until now


I need to share with you some last thoughts in regards to Naruto chapter 699 & 700 spoilers and The Last: Naruto the movie plot and info until now.

Well, I think that’s no need to explain what a shocker the recent spoilers for Naruto 699 and 700 were for absolutely everyone that is not a SasuSaku shipper nor NaruHina…

The spoilers are legit, that’s Kishi’s style.

There’s no doubt in lying ourselves over it, really.

Now, how do I feel about it? As you’ve probably seen from my Tumblr, I kept hope, I gave up hope and then I said I’m willing to wait.

Why? Because as I said there and on Heaven and Earth, something seems really off and fishy!

I can’t see how after all this development, foreshadowing, parallels and whatnot in this manga took this route, I can’t.

It defies logic itself and those spoilers are chaos! Everyone paired up with everyone, characters looking weird than we know them and whatnot…

Therefore, what I think in regards to Naruto chapter 699 and 700 and The Last: Naruto the movie’s plot and info up until now, until everything will be cleared with the chapters and the movie?

The thoughts regarding Naruto chapter 699 & 700 spoilers + The Last: Naruto the movie

Well… as I said, something doesn’t add up!

Some of you probably know what I already think since I discussed it on H&E.

Plus that 4chan album print-screened from H&E users giving their opinions and apparently I’m around there, too.

However, some of you might not know.

Therefore, what I’m gonna be doing from a lack of time and other things, is just copy-paste some ideas I’ve shared with people on H&E.

On why I think everything might look like that and what it might actually be underneath the underneath?

So, here it is (copy+paste on some discussions I’ve had with other users), some replies of mine in regards to the latest info we’ve had:

Guys idk the images are and look real but SOMETHING doesn’t add up… I don’t know…

To one of H&E admins who wrote the following, I told him clearly that I so feel him in regards to what he wrote, aka this:

OKAY PEOPLE HOLD IT!!! I need you guys to discuss with me because this leak knocked down my iQ, not to mention my reading comprehension skills (I was passing these with A’s when I was little).

Something doesn’t add up here. Here I’m thinking this thing is legit and forcing me to leave this series alone…yet in the back in my mind, there are some very obvious sh*t going on here.

First, its the NH kids, especially the son. Now didn’t we know that the Byakugan is an “aggressive trait”? It will show on all of the kids.

Plus, Naruto got the whiskers because of Kurama’s influence during Kushina’s pregnancy. And looking at Ginkaku and Kinkaku, they got the whiskers while being in Kurama’s stomach, eating parts of his insides. How that’s become an aggressive trait? I highly doubt Naruto’s sperm was fused with Kurama’s influence.

Next is the names: Bolt/Boruto… uh… first, its an english item… sounds VERY unoriginal, unlike Kishimoto’s statement of naming the child Shinachiku and even Menma. And because those names associate with Naruto, not to mention his favorite food, ramen.

Then we have to go to the “SS” girl who’s name is Salad/Sarada… wouldn’t a better name be like Setsuka or Yuri (common Japanese female names, especially they associate with flowers aka Sakura).

Then she looks strikingly similar to Karin… how we gotten from a flower or a smell to food? And the rest of the kids, especially the Chouji/Karui kid…

Now that’s crack at its finest! How’s that even possible, especially Karui is from Cloud. Yes, she expressed feelings for finding handsome men in the Leaf, but went to Chouji of all people?!

Sai and Ino’s kid: looks uh very similar to Sai… wait she has strawberry blonde hair? How we got black and platinum blonde to strawberry? (Unless… forgot about Fuu Yamanaka…) I really don’t know… this is like torturing my brain…

Guys idk I am having some hopes but idk, I have gotten to doubt my logic i guess…? I don’t know..
My guts tells me something but those images something else. They are real, no doubt …. but it DOESN’T ADD UP. DEFIES LOGIC!


To another user of H&E who posted this:

Could it be a final image of the Tsukuyomi in effect? Or perhaps it’s an alternative ending? No… It’s difficult to express, but there is some underlying element of misdirection to these images being conveyed. Be it the glasses of Sasuke’s daughter, the NH children having whiskers when Naruto wasn’t the providing incubator for them, and the out of nowhere relationships emerging with some of the most post unpleasant looking children in the manga… It’s not a coincidence.

I told him the following:

I smell some genjutsu…

To the same person who posed another good point:

With all the craziness going on and the absurd levels of power that these ancient god-like beings, all of whom have one common goal in mind, to see the world brought under their control via the Tsukuyomi.

How do you manipulate the hearts and minds of those you’re intending to have become part of your collection of minions? By appealing to their base desires, as completely and explicitly as possible, while abiding by the exact circumstances of the universe around to make it seem believable and not allow anyone to question it.

Their complacency overrides any notions of common sense.

Hinata’s ultimate desire to see a future with Naruto is a prime target for the IT. Tsukuyomi doesn’t have to abide by the same limits concerning time and space as the normal world does.

There could have been a time lapse in the decades for however long she and the others have been trapped in the illusion. Keep in mind that Mei’s dream depicted her accomplishing her goal of marrying someone. Relationships and marriage don’t happen overnight (unless it’s NH and SS from the “spoilers”).

Again, it’s just too easy. There has to be more underneath it all that we’re just not getting.

I told him the following:

  • Exactly… I mean the kids really make NO SENSE. SK alluding? Weird names? Sakura looks more like Kushina than ever but she is married to Sasuke because…what? Naruto gave up?
    Come on, it makes NO SENSE!

To another user who said a really intriguing thing, IMO, I told him that “Why do I have the same feeling?”. What did he wrote?

Naruto and Sakura will pop out a kid and it will be about them

After which the another member said the following:

I agree this whole thing smells of an illusion like the IT is still in process Evil also posted a picture of a moon and we all assumed its releasing the IT but what if its the opposite what if this movie and this epilogue is the life that has progressed in the IT and the movie is showcasing how they got out of it and learn their lesson find their true selves ? It makes sens with how all of this just seems ridiculous to be canon facts it just doesn’t make any sens it recks of badly written FF and the IT dreams that we have seen from the rookies .
Didn’t Evil posted that pic that appeared like SK ending but then change it to fit SS/NH bc of a “mistake” ? He did that on purpose I swear and it make no sense.

I told him that I am having similar thoughts but I don’t know anymore…

After which, I remembered someone saying Tsunade and Ay are in the spoilers and that’s where something rang a bell to me…


Why did I had a strange feeling? Because as you can see, Tsunade is next to Ay in Mei’s dream and apparently Mei and Gaara are a thing in those spoilers? Well, looking at Gaara’s design for the last which is this:


Doesn’t it look HIGHLY similar to the man Mei is marrying?! Which lead me to the following idea…

Have you noticed that The Last has a similar kind if set with the IT dreams? And manga contents up to some point match what happened ever since the dreams till 698? I think the Last is canon and it explains the gap between 699 and 700 its beginning till its end cuz these spoilers look like IT dreams at the beginning of 700 that by the end might very well be ending in NS?

What if everyone really is under genjutsu? The SS poke forehead scene could be Sakura’s genjutsu dream that by the end she realizes that it was Naruto who said that cue – that’s a thing Naruto would say…idk. All i know is that those pictures are real but what if we don’t put them in the right context? What if it ends like RTN and by the end of the chapter, like at the end of rtn we have a cute NS moment? Since 691 when the moon activated the plot of the manga seems very weird. Thinking now in retrospect it is like they really are all under genjutsu and their best wishes are happening.

And this makes me think Kishi is ending this in RTN fashion but in the manga… For a long time now the plot is highly similar to RTN… So what if Kishi plays it the RTN route and all this weirdness is because everyone IS in the genjutsu?

Idk I am not saying it’s true, just possible… Hinata gets NH in her dream = NH in the spoiler scansSS family scans + SS forehead poke = Sakura’s inner desires that the one to have complimented her was Sasuke, when we know in reality was Naruto henged as Sasuke.But that leaves Naruto’s most efervescent desire/dream aka to bring Sasuke back which would make what happened till now a genjutsu reality…

So what if in reality Naruto didn’t bring Sasuke back, neither confessed Sakura and all that around there cuz it was all actually a dream of his, his most efervescent one aka bribging Sasuke back and confessing to Sakura in the hope that she will reciprocate but in reality, like I said, nothing is like that and thus the weird stuff in the Last? Naruto is still not Hokage, Sasuke is a wanderer and so on? What seemingly might look resolved in 700 with the SS and NH in the IT world, but by the end of it, of 700 it still showd NS and makes you ask how NS if SS and NH supposedly happened?

And them bam, The Last explains it was all actually genjutsu and this is why manga ends with the last page having NS on it and then a new manga with NS and SK babies? Idk.. I am not saying it’s like this, but could be a twist! If it’s not, oh well… To me that kid is little Naruto from the interview image in one of his poses then Shippuden Naruto shillouette next to it, not the small one. Speaking about the kids…

Don’t you find their hair weird like…the green part that you throw heavy on a strawberry or cherry… Doesn’t it look suspicious to you? SS kid looks like an SK kid and NH ones with cherry haircuts…really? Of all things…CHERRIES? You don’t find that suspicious at all? SS kid points to Karin and NH one to Sakura…what is wrong in this picture, really? Not talking about the clothes on NH kid but their haircut – looks like cherries. Cherries = Sakura. The SS kid likewise looks like Karin! This screams NS and SK up to heavens in a weird way?

So what is up here?

So what if this is the big shocking ending that we got as a message when Naruto was announced to have still more 5 weeks till its shocking conclusion?

And the shocking ending and plot twist would be that despite Kishi showing SS and NH apparently, all this will be about NS, lol.

The underneath of the underneath, maybe? I don’t know anymore…

But like I said on my Tumblr, I am not yet willing to give up my gut so what I’ll do is wait and that’s it.

If NaruHina and SasuSaku are to be canon, then so be it! But if not… what if underneath it all is NaruSaku and SasuKarin kid?

Something really doesn’t add up… What are your thoughts? I for one am really confused. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below!

Till next time,



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