The Last: Naruto the Movie – Ino Yamanaka, Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Aburame’s sketches have been released!


Ino Yamakana, Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Aburame’s sketches have been released as of now. The long awaited sketches of the other Rookies of Konoha have finally arrived. Previously released sketches were of Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno.


How do I feel about them? To be honest, I am a bit surprised. I had expected Ino’s hair to go down a bit, but I can’t tell for sure if I like her clothes or not.

It’s a combination of her Shippuden outfit and Road to Ninja one, as we can see.

At first, to be honest, I was a bit disappointed, maybe? But after seeing a wonderful fanart from someone on Tumblr, I am having doubts of whether I don’t like her outfit that much…

I am kinda starting to love it? I don’t know for sure, but what I do know is that I absolutely love her face and hair.

Her hair reminds me of Kushina’s and Mito’s one… both of them had absolutely lovable long hair and Ino seems to be walking on those footsteps.

I can’t wait to see her animated version!

Moving next to none other than Kiba Inuzuka. Like most of the people out there, Kiba’s outfit and overall look reminds me of Tobirama Senju’s one. Why? Maybe because of the furr?

Or maybe because Kishi somewhat wanted to draw attention towards Kiba and Naruto’s similar personalities and dreams. Naruto’s not the only one wanting to be Hokage, y’know?

But I am sure that besides that, Kishimoto wants to point at Kiba’s newly found feralness given his clan background.

I am wondering… what about Akamaru?! Guess we’ll find out in the movie. Also he seems to have adopted the goatee look, same as Choji Akimichi. Heh, look at those boys growing up!

Next on the list we have Shino Aburame who I must confess, looks pretty badass.

While I had hoped that Ino would one day become the head of Interrogation services in Konoha, to me, this role seems more and more appropriate to Shino now.

Given his look who reminds me of none other than Ibiki Morino himself with that headband and all. He is a combination of Ibiki, his father and Aoba. If anyone remembers the guy.

How do I feel overall about the sketches? Well, I am glad they have finally been released and waiting forward for Hinata’s ones and the others!

Can’t wait to see Hinata, I swear. I am betting my money that she’s the Hyuga clan leader now! Or at least I hope so!

What are your thoughts now that Ino Yamakana, Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Aburame’s sketches have been released?

Let me know down below.

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