Clearing some so-called rumors regarding the no refunds policy of The Last: Naruto the movie


There’s a lot of fuss about the no refunds policy of The Last: Naruto the movie.

While browsing Tumblr today, I got my eyes on a certain post which reminded me of a situation I have found myself in.

Those of you who read me on Tumblr have probably seen this post by now.

It is alluded that I am “just spreading rumors” regarding the negativity The Last: Naruto the movie is getting.

I have been writing about this in multiple articles of mine. All that because given some apparent trusted translators from the fandom and the well known Narutoforums board couldn’t find any “official” source stating the things I have posted. In their opinion, the “so-called source” is “fake”  or “unreliable”.

Where this whole thing with the no refunds policy of The Last: Naruto the movie started

As you guys know, I have reported about the reception of the movie from its motherland ever since we started hearing the rumors.

According to them, Japanese fans would want to cancel their tickets but can’t.

And apparently, like I have been stressing it in the article, people cannot cancel their tickets. Despite wanting it.

That’s from where the whole fuss with the no refunds policy started to gain a louder voice.

Especially after the movie’s release, as I have been writing in some of the other articles, reporting from the same sources we all used to use until the end of Naruto series.

As in, the forum boards 2ch.

And so, I started reporting how the movie although painted as a shiny golden apple, on its inside, it was rotten.

The fandom hates the movie and also called the marketing ploys used by Studio Pierrot & co to advertise it. They considered it a fraud.

In “The Last: Naruto the Movie reception failing to impress fans. Movie gets voted one of the worst in the franchise”, I am quoting a Japanese friend who finally explains us based on the discussions at 2ch fans were having, from where the no refunds policy started and why they call it a fraud:

The majority of hate comes from this false advertisement. Sasuke and Kakashi are always number one and two in popularity polls. The fans of Sasuke and Kakashi now understood that they were lead on to buy the pre-sale tickets because they have the biggest fanbase. Now they’re really really mad calling this fraud. There was a refund in the movies before. The no refund policy started from this movie or they started after revealing the spoilers. Hence people call it a fraud.

After that, I reported some of the sources and the anti-threads created on 2ch.

The matter of source issue

Some have tried to make it as 2ch is such an unreliable and biased and whatnot forums ever since they have turned anti The Last.

So the same people at Narutoforums try to make us the ones who report the reality of the facts outside the NaruHina and SasuSaku bubbles as some kind of so big liars.

Despite the fact that the same people over at Narutoforums have been using 2ch as sources themselves as well!


So my question is: despite all the other shown evidence on Tumblr from real people shredding their The Last posters, or impressions from Twitter from real Japanese fans who all, by the way say like I have reported in the aforementioned articles that they will be taking their revenge by down voting the movie on Yahoo Japan and other websites?

So how is it that people like me and others like gweatherwax get to be insinuated as liars?

Or spreading “fake rumors” for reporting from the same sources the said trusted translators used themselves over the years?

What is it that hard to understand that this movie is a bad ending not only because of the pairings but because of its execution?

So with this, hope I cleared everyone’s suspicions and claims according to which I am spreading false rumors from fake sources or whatnot.

We’ve been drinking from the same cup this whole 15 years everyone…

With this being said, I bit you bye bye for the moment!



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